Diary, day seventeen

This post really isn’t about food. Let’s be honest here. I’m on holiday… & so far, I haven’t even eaten at any swanky restaurants because I’m still sourcing on the gourmet picnik I packed. Seriously, there was a two day supply of food in that thing. It’s a good thing the hotel has a mini fridge because I made a LOT of roasted chicken & cauliflower. 

Thank you mini fridge. 

If you’re curious, I’m currently on a bike (motorcycle) trip. We’ve all driven from Athens, through to Galatas, down to Portoheli, & then taken the boat across to the island of Spetses. That last leg of the journey was just breath taking. This gorgeous, winding coastal road… & it was absolutely littered with purple & yellow trees in full bloom. Even stopped in an orchard for our picnic. 

Spetses is equally as beautiful. I’m not used to islands being this green. Then again, it’s not like I’ve been to very many islands. Not when you consider how many there actually are in this country. 

I’m getting off track. Or am I? All I wanted to saw was, I’m enjoying my easter weekend with great enthusiasm. It’s the only excuse I have for providing you with a post that really has naught to do with food. Sunday there will be food. Sunday there will be copious amounts of roasted lamb. Sunday will be dedicated to gluttony & full bellies. I don’t promise a good Sunday post, but I promise to enjoy every sinfully good morsel. 

Happy easter weekend!!!


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