Diary, days 18 to 21

We’re home!!!

Let’s be honest. Nothing about this post is going to be about food. I mean, not really any way. Yes, I ate to my hearts content. Even managed to fall into several food related comas… but I wasn’t about to sit there with my phone & photograph my meals before I ate them.

I also didn’t talk to the chefs to find out about their style & technique.


When I take a holiday… that’s all it is. My mind isn’t back on work or fantasising about recipes. All I want to do is soak up the sun. Eat. Sleep. & enjoy every second.

& bike tours really are my favourite kind of holiday.


Even freezing cold swims in the April sea are breathtakingly refreshing. Yes, I swam. Lasted a whole 10 minutes too before I had to get out & regain feeling in my limbs.


Stopped to enjoy the Fireworks after church service on Saturday night…


Got stranded at the port on Sunday morning & realised we were indeed going to be spending easter lunch on Spetses instead of taking off & finding a little tavern in a village near Portoheli.


You don’t want to hear about that though. You’re here for the food… & I want to assure you that I will be back to my regular tips & tricks first thing tomorrow. Today? Today I just want to look at photos, continue with my eating spree, & take a nap. xxx



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