Diary, day twenty-three

I’m finally seeing it. All this posting on a regular daily basis is pulling the creativity out of me. In the beginning I was struggling quite a bit. You all know how silent my blog has been the last two years… most of that time I was in a slump. Well, not in a slump, I mean, I still had genius ideas, they just weren’t coming out of me at any real speed or consistency. & worst of all, I kept using photography as an excuse not to publish anything. If I didn’t have a good picture, I wasn’t going to post. It was as simple as that.

Clearly, as you can see, I’ve decided to ease up on the photography side. Most of the pictures I’m posting are instagram snapshots that have way too many effects & filters over them. I don’t care. I mean, I do care, but I don’t care enough to prevent me from posting. The way I see it, if I just keep at it, eventually the photography will find me again & I’ll be producing images I’m proud of. For now, you get instagram & that’s ok.


So back to the infusion of creativity that I’ve been receiving as of late. This little gem hit me the other day hanging laundry. A task that holds no real significance, except for the fact that I hang mine on the balcony, & my balcony just so happens to be in perfect alignment with the tops of two orange trees. So I’m sitting there, sorting through the pile of wet clothes & trying to match socks… & the intoxicating smell of orange blossoms keeps hitting my nose. Then something else hit me… these are edible! Ah yes, now we’re talking!

I kept fantasising about orange blossom ice-cream… but eventually my lack of patience won out & today I realised I couldn’t wait any more, I had to make something & it had to be done now. Right now. So really it was a question of what ingredients were lurking in my pantry… not much. Tomorrow is the laiki (vegetable market), which means today my cupboards & fridge are pretty barren & bare. Jam it is.


This loot came out to about 90g (2 & 1/2 cups)… & took nearly 2 hours to collect! I would have gotten more, but I grabbed every open blossom within my reach… sometimes wondering if I was just going to topple off the balcony. Made me glad I live on the first floor. The strangest thing kept happening though, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the oranges that wouldn’t grow because I was thieving their flowers. I eventually got my mind off that trail of thought by telling myself no one eats these oranges any way… but then I managed to start thinking about the bees I was robbing of nectar. I mean seriously. I don’t know what sort of hippy high my mind was on, but those were the thoughts plaguing me. Clearly, I got over both issues, or you wouldn’t be looking at the bowl set before you.


This is the fruit of my labour. I can’t figure out if I’m supposed to class it as a jelly (since I used the strained juice of the orange), or a preserve seeings as there are whole pieces of flower petal in there. Or is it a marmalade since it’s with orange? If anyone has the answer, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m also still in search of the long lost answer to why people strain the water from their soaking almonds & add new water to make almond milk. I mean, that just sounds counter productive. So if you have that answer, I’d appreciate it also.

Any way, back to this. The taste is good. Great. I think I miscalculated however. I’m used to bringing my jams & preserves up to 114C… for some reason, I’m now starting to think that a jelly should be cooked to a lower temperature. I’m going to need to do some research. Worse case scenario.. I just mix this into a bottle of gin & let it dissolve. NOW I’m talking!

Enough of my ranting. I’ll share the recipe when I answer the question to the conundrum I’ve just presented myself.


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