Diary, day twenty-five

11147110_10152919895975208_209174771631641227_nI remember the last time I made moussaka. Well, if I’m being honest, I didn’t so much as make it, as watch my mother make it. I was 15, living in London, in Knightsbridge to be exact… & my best friend Taynor was coming over for dinner. I remember my bedroom was about the size of a shoebox, & thinking that my mother had made us enough food to last all week. Then again, I always managed to forget how much Taynor could eat. My mum & I consumed 1/3 of the baking dish, & Taynor ate the other 2/3s by himself.

Man could that guy eat. Thin, tall, long dark hair, & he could put away food better than a competitive eater.

It’s funny the things you can remember.

Today I’m venturing on making moussaka for the first time in 14 years. Keep in mind, I didn’t actually make it back then either. Sure, I’ve eaten it a bunch of times over those many, many years, but for some reason I was just never compelled to make the dish myself.

I also have to confess that whilst I know the basic concept of what compiles a good moussaka, I’m kind of winging it. Seriously, I know there’s mince meat, béchamel & aubergines. Aside from that, not a clue.

If it turns out alright I’ll attempt to post a recipe tomorrow… although maybe that’s not such a good idea. I can only give quantities for a few of the ingredients, the rest I kind of just eyeballed.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Diary, day twenty-five

    • I will give that a try. I love aubergines, but they can be very heavy. I bet the courgette gives a wonderful flavour & texture to the dish. Thanks for the tip Mrs. Sawn!

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