Diary, day twenty-seven


I’ve always looked at GoPro cameras in the shops & thought they were pretty nifty. Of course, I’m not much of a sports enthusiast so i could never justify buying on, but that didn’t mean that the camera enthusiast in me didn’t lust after them just a tiny bit all the same.

Now I find myself living with someone who owns a GoPro. Problem solved. I don’t have to justify the expense, it’s just part of my beautiful little collection. It looks sweet & obscure next to some of the vintage models I have hanging out on the shelf. Still needed an excuse to try one though.

Did I tell you that the other afternoon I was laying in bed attempting to take a nap when I thought about whether or not I could successfully use a GoPro for the cooking videos? Well, I was. I even did a little research on google & it seems that I’m not the first person to have thought of the idea. Go figure. Actually, I’m not surprised, it’s a good idea, of course it’s been done.

Well, seeing as I didn’t eat the pizza I had planned to eat yesterday, I figured I would go ahead & make it today. After all, if I left that dough rising any longer it would turn into a sourdough…. & I’m not sure if that’s a level of flavour I want to add to my pizza just yet. Although it is worth storing in my memory bank to try & experiment with at a later date.

Any way, I hooked it up & with some minor tinkering was able to figure it out. I think it went well. It recorded much more of my kitchen than I had anticipated, but that’s ok. I’m going to play with the footage later & see if there’s a cooking tutorial in it for Wednesday.

Happy Monday everyone!


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