Diary, day thirty

It was a long & intense day…

For as many times as I scripted a speech. Revisited it. Made tweaks, & eventually narrowed it down to several key questions, it all had to be redone.

We started shooting the talking part of the video today. The part that helps me get my point across & explain what it is exactly I’m trying to do. I thought I was completely prepared. As we started filming & talking through it, I realised I kept tripping up on my words & nothing had a good flow. I was either repeating myself over & over again, or one segment wouldn’t lead into another. It just wasn’t making sense.

All I have to say is, I’m lucky I have the videographer I do (seriously, if anyone needs one in Athens Greece, I would love to recommend him to you). He sat down with me, & we re wrote the whole thing. We found a way to make it click. To answer the questions, without repeating myself, & make it sound natural. It did end up being scripted, but I’m hoping it doesn’t sound that way in play back.

I still catch myself making weird faces on camera though. I have this way of contorting my face, & the more I try not to do it, the more awkward I look. I know I have an expressive, almost comic way of reacting to situations, but seriously, I need to get this under control!

Stay tuned!

Also, I’m starting to think up next weeks video. If anyone wants to weigh in & make a request, I’m all ears. If not, I’m leaning towards doing something sweet, since last week was savoury, & I’m playing around with the idea of either making dark chewy brownies, or an apple flower cake. I can’t decide. Or maybe I don’t show food & I post up another rant, this time on my favourite kitchen utensils…


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