Diary, day thirty-three

I left a chicken slow roasting in the oven. I know realistically I really shouldn’t leave the house with the oven on, but my neighbour has keys to the place & knocks on my door if they smell smoke.

Good chicken cooks slowly. In needs time to reach perfection. You can’t rush a good thing. Beautiful Sunday afternoons also scream at you to get out of the house. How was I possibly supposed to be able to choose between staying home & tending to my chicken… or taking a bike (motor) ride up the gorgeous mountain of Parnetha & drinking a coffee at the top, revelling in the view & all its magnificence?

I wasn’t. So, I carefully stuffed my chicken full of lemons, celery, apple, onion & garlic. Seasoned it, wrapped the tin up in foil & set my oven to about 100C & went out to enjoy the afternoon. Granted I wasn’t gone for more than 3 hours, but when I came home famished, it all paid off.

It’s spring. I keep saying it over & over again, but even when I’m at home my mind isn’t really here. It’s on food, excursions, & relaxing. What can I say, maybe this is why I won’t leave Greece. My mind frame suits the way of life. Now for dessert…. pistachio ice cream? I think yes. Good night


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