Diary, day forty-two


I think I’ve figured it out! The way to smile more in my videos is to put a stand up comedy routine on the TV & listen to it whilst I’m baking. This may sound like cheating, but it is my own personal moment of genius today.

Seriously. Every week I’m a little disappointed that I look so serious when I’m cooking. I kind of glare & scrunch up my face. Anyone would think that I’m not getting vast amounts of joy from it.

The reality is much different. Being in my kitchen is my happy place. Baking, is my happy place. Now if only my face could reflect that experience.

So yes, my method is, put on a good comedian (today’s lineup is the wonderful Mr. Louis C.K.) & smile every time he says something funny.

I also intentionally made the cake today instead of leaving it till tomorrow… not because I wanted to give myself room for error & allow time for a do-over, but because I have a lady-date this afternoon. No, not a romantic lady-date… but there will be some day drinking with a couple bottles of wine & a few slices of cake. See? I plan ahead. It’s all about the snacks & the company. & let me tell you, the company is amazing. Today, on this beautiful sunny day (yes, I know I always mention the sunshine & how glorious it is), I am thankful for great friends.

Keep tuned, the video will be up tomorrow! xxx


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