Diary, day forty-five… & a disco cake


The cake! Oh the cake!

I won’t say this is the best time I’ve ever had making a cake… because that would be a lie. The best time I ever had decorating cakes was with my friend Eirini. She’s just as crazy & strange as I am so we had a blast working together in the kitchen & bouncing ideas back & forth. I will say it’s the best time I’ve ever had making a cake when I’ve worked alone. I think that’s a fair analysis.


It’s also my favourite cake to date. Sure I’ve made some beautiful ones in the past, & I’ve been very proud of them… but this one just spoke to me. I won’t take credit for the full design. I looked at a lot of disco themed cakes out there & kind of pieced things together to form my own. There were a lot of cakes with aspects that I found gorgeous. The combination of design elements & final execution is my own doing.


What I was trying to achieve here was a cake that was fun& playful, but also grown-up & elegant. It was for two teenage girls (young teens). Sisters, born on the same day a year apart. Beautiful, smiley, loving kids whom I happen to love with all my heart. They were having their first grown up dance party & I didn’t want to show up with a cake that looked like it was for small children.

Anyway… I just wish I’d gotten their reaction on video. Can’t remember the last time I was hugged that much! Totally made my day.



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