Diary, day forty-six&seven

It’s been three solid days of junk food.

I don’t go through these phases often, but lately I can’t get over my craving for grilled meat. Logically, I know I should walk my tired ass down to the butcher & just grill some myself, but after that monster of a cake my will to cook has gone out the window.

I have tried to be healthy. I made several salads, smoothies, & fruit bowls… but nothing would satisfy my craving. It wasn’t so much that I was hungry, just longing for something slightly naughty.

I really should know better. Ordered food always has so much salt in it (even when you ask them to hold the salt) & I end up blowing up like a balloon. Do I regret it? Not even a little.

I’ll go back to healthy eating tomorrow. Don’t judge me. We all have those moments.


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