diary, day fifty-three

Today was just one of those days.

You know the ones… the ones where absolutely everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Suffice to say, other than to fill an order… there was no actual cooking.

You want the run down?

1. woke up because of nightmares at 05:30… & never went back to sleep.
2. upon looking in the mirror, discovered it appeared as if I had been punched in the eye. Apparently, a mosquito thought I looked appetising.
3. tried to have my morning ciggy with my coffee… only crumbs left in my pouch.
4. attempted to clean the house… got half way through & broke the mop in half. Spent the remainder of the time crawling around with the mop-head in hand & scrubbing the floor on my knees.
5. went to make the apple cake for an order… didn’t prepare enough apple slices. Had to stop half way through, cut & cook more & proceed.
6. decided I desperately needed to wash my hair… had a freezing cold shower because the boiler decided it was on strike.
7. gave myself a manicure, my dog destroyed it.
8. put down freshly washed rug… spilled grease all over it.
9. went to charge my phone, caught the cable in the spring of the couch & ripped it in half.
10. laptop cable has finally decided to call it quits & will now refuse to charge my laptop. On 43%… lets see how long that lasts

….it’s a wonder I even convinced myself to leave the house at all… & an even bigger surprise that no more disasters ensued.

On that note, I’m off to bed before I give the day a chance to throw me yet another curve ball.

I really hope tomorrow goes better! On the bright side, at least I could see the humour every step of the way!


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