Diary, day fifty-four… decisions decisions

The thing I love most about creating designed cakes… is the people. Of course, this doesn’t hold true for all of my customers. There are the rare few who order the cakes for all the wrong reasons (e.g. just to show off)… but the majority want something beautiful to express how much they adore the person receiving it.

A good example would be the current cake I’m working on. A man has called or order a cake that looks like a gift box, & inside to have hearts to show how he feels about his wife. The whole thing is a surprise… & he insisted that if there was any way I could make the thing taste like tiramisu (that’s her favourite), that I should.

This is the kind of cake that makes me happy. Ok, the design is nothing special. Gift box cakes have been done a million times before. It’s the sentiment attached to it that warms me to my toes.

& of course… of COURSE, I was absolutely going to make it tiramisu flavoured. Not hard to achieve. I took my beloved chocolate cake recipe & added coffee… & wrote a new recipe for a tiramisu flavoured buttercream. Lots of rum, mascarpone & real vanilla bean. I could eat it as is.

Now, out of habit, I decided to record the process. Turns out I actually have some pretty nice footage. My current contemplation is whether or not I do more of an instructional how-to video for this weeks youtube tutorial (& of course share my tiramisu buttercream recipe), or if I stick with my traditional cooking & show you all how to make spinach tortilla wraps for fajitas. I’m going to be making the fajitas & wraps anyway, I have a wicked craving & now that my husband has finally returned how, I figured I’d cook up a whole mexican themed meal & we’d wander off to the beach for a picnic. The question is more… do you all also want to see the execution of prepping a cake for decoration? Or should I just stick with teaching you how to make more every day food?

Decisions decisions. Maybe I’ll release the fajitas on wednesday & throw the how-to in over the weekend as a little surprise bonus video. Although now that I’ve gone & told you, it’s really not that much of a surprise.

If you have an opinion, feel free to weigh in… I always love feedback. xxx


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