A cookbook…

Whatever’s Left is not what it once was. There is no secret to that. There was a turning point. A moment in my life where my daily routine became more about bikes & travelling than it did about cooking.

Not that my passion for food ever left me, just that what I was creating became very tailored in how to keep my stomach satisfied when I was on the road, rather than how many different types of cake I could make in a single week.

As a result of that, i spent a lot of time in the kitchen dreaming up recipes for energy/protein bars. There are a lot of them on the market, granted, but I always felt unsatisfied by the quality of them versus their high retail price.

It was because of this that I created my own. It was a way to spend time in the kitchen, but make something that was versatile enough to make me instantly happy when I needed something sweet or filling, & small enough that I could pack into my bags & take off on a two week trip without finding myself in a situation where I was starving & all that was available was cheap, packaged junk.

So here they are… in my first ever cookbook. You’ll notice the title is not what you might expect. I created a new brandname called “Bikes & Baking” for my road travels so that I wouldn’t bored everyone here at Whatever’s Left with constant updates of road maps & motorcycle pictures.

Here is the book with the recipes that help me make it through the day, & give me the energy & courage I need to get back on the bike & do another 200km..

It is available at the moment for sale on ETSY in both the .epub & .pdf formats.

I hope you enjoy creating the recipes as much as I do. Happy Holidays everyone!



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