Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 20.11.04I think it’s all pretty self-explanatory. I’m a girl who can’t stomach gluten, at all. Who loves to cook. Who loves to eat even more. Who absolutely adores food. Who has a passion for photography, & is now trying to combine them all & share them. I don’t expect that my writing will be amazing, but I’ll aim for light-hearted & entertaining.

I had originally started this project with Mel. Unfortunately, in September 2013 life took one of those expected turns & he is no longer with us. Since then, I’ve done a little bit of a disappearing act on the blog & kind of left it be. I have decided that all of our hard work should not go to waste & will slowly slowly be making a come back. With that said, I have also recently decided to undergo the decision to turn our creativity into the cookbook we always talked about. Some of the recipes that are featured on the blog will be in the book. It’s a bold decision seeing as they are already available for all… but Mel wrote some of them & also played a part in inspiring me to write the rest. It is for this reason that I want to see them published.

As for the blog…. well, here are some tidbits about me that may help you to get to know me better. I’d love to hear about you, also.

Some random things about me:
1. It took me years to learn how to let someone else into my kitchen with me when I cook.
2. I’m slowly getting better about trusting people in my creative space, but can be persuaded if they agree to adhere to my rules.
3. I’m clumsy, beyond clumsy, it’s the only reason I have health insurance.
4. As a kid I had a bob cut instead of long flowing hair like my cousins, it made me feel like snow white.
5. I thought Snow White was ugly.
6. Cleaning when I’m irritated is calming.
7. People either live to eat, or eat to live. I’m the former.
8. I can’t draw from my own imagination, from an image though, I’m pretty good.
9. I’m hopelessly in love with life, all the time. I think the lyrics “you’re just hopeless” sum me up pretty good.
10. I can’t stand large crowds.
11. I love how easy digital photography makes life, but I secretly think less of those who use it (that includes myself).
12. Current favorite colours are: deep red, baby pink, bright orange
13. Usually I’m too lazy to reach for the remote/ phone/ pen/ whatever, from the coffee table, so I grab it with my toes.
14. Mel was the brains behind the savoury dishes created before September 2013, I just take the credit.
15. Boxing is my favorite sport.
16. With that said, I think kick-boxing is a sport where the boxing rejects go to die (not literally of course).
17. Origami can become an obsession. I think maybe I’ve made a couple thousand pieces at this point. Who really knows.
18. I still believe monsters live under my bed.
19. I owned 5 pairs of high heels. Which I never wore. So I donated them.
20. I think fancy dresses look surprisingly good with a scruffy pair of converse.
21. Actually, they probably don’t and the truth is I just don’t like wearing heels.
22. For as much as I scrunch my face, I love sweaty man hugs.
23. I used to dislike all beans & pulses, I imagined they had the same texture as mud.
24. I like speeding, but my car is too slow.
25. Living in Greece means there are very, very few drivers who actually adhere to the speed limits. They are more of a suggestion. I am one of those said drivers.
26. I talk to myself & make random noises during most activities. I’m not nuts, I think it comes from being an only child.
27. Three of my cousins are like sisters to me. I mean actual sisters. Especially nice since I never had any of my own. I tell people I have three sisters.
28. I get insanely cranky when I’m hungry. I’d liken myself to Gizmo the Gremlin.
29. I think that because I know how to drive a manual car, that makes me a good driver.
30. Thinking of myself as a good driver makes me feel superior in some odd way.
31. Other people think I’m awful behind the wheel.
32. I’m currently trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The first lesson, I fractured my ankle & got an exhaust pipe burn. The second lesson, I dropped the motorcycle on myself & twisted my ankle. By the third lesson, I made it to second gear & didn’t fall off. Improvement.
33. I crack my knuckles when I’m nervous, repeatedly.
34. When I go through emotional ‘rough patches’ I re-watch the ‘grey’s anatomy’ series from start to finish.
35. Now that all my friends are starting to get married, it makes me feel old.
36. A lot of people have told me I look like I’m still 21. I think they are liars.
37. My very first job as a pastry chef, I got lucky enough to land the head pastry chef position. This has made me a spoiled brat who likes to get her way.
38. I ran the kitchen and often used this as ‘bragging rights’. Very often.
39. I had an adopted puppy called Sushi Roll (a.k.a. Sashimi, Nagiri or Re Dude), he was two month old stray we found on the street.
40. Eating fruit ‘au natural’ just doesn’t sit well with me, I like it washed & cut up in a bowl in front of me, otherwise I wont often eat it.
41. I was diagnosed with celiac’s in April 2012.
42. When I found out that you can buy gluten-free beer… I may or may not have done a little jump for joy.
43. My dog used to face plant…. often. He took after his mama like that.
44. I’ve tried living on a Greek Island. Lasted a whole year. It was magical.
45. Mel named our last dog Loki. After the villain. We both felt that the character was misunderstood & deserved a second chance.
46. After Mel’s death, Loki went to live with Mel’s grandmother. I miss him every single day & it breaks my heart, but I think she needs him more than I do.
47. I’ve recently decided to attempt to be a little more feminine… I feel I have achieved this by glueing glitter to my allstars.

Thank you for your support…. the positive comments & kind words that get left are always so uplifting to read.

All photos & text are Copyright of ‘Whatever’s Left‘. Please ask before using an image & give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

To find us, we can be reached at:
e-mail: whateversleft.lnp@gmail.com
twitter: @popichred
facebook: Whatever’s Left
nstagram: @whateversleft
cake orders: http://www.wallflowercakes.com


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