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gluten-free flour blend: cookies

I want to talk to you for a minute about flour blends…

I’ve seen a lot of things circling the net as of late with regards to people being somewhat discouraged from following recipes by authors who tend to use a lot of different kinds of gluten-free flours as opposed to just one, pre-made, store-bought blend.

I get it, it’s time consuming, a little more expensive, & you end up with a cupboard full of ingredients (which I personally see as a treasure chest).

I want to explain to you why I generally avoid pre-made flour-blends where possible.

Since going gluten-free, I’ve found a brand called Dove’s farm that just happens to be kind of fantastic. I wrongly made the assumption though that just because this brand has a nice flour blend, that making a good blend was simple & therefore everyone would have access to blend that was just as good.

Oh how wrong I was.

On a recent trip to the US. I purchased a flour-blend in order to make a pie crust for a pumpkin pie. Innocently thinking that it was going to be just like the one I used at home, I worked away as usual & then served my masterpiece to all my dinner guests.

Not so good. Everyone devoured the filling as I knew they would, but the crust (which is generally my favorite part of any pie) was left scrapped clean & discarded on the plates of all. A little embarrassed I desperately made my excuses & swore that I was actually a really good chef.

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do-it-yourself fondant, perfect in a pinch!

fondant(for those of you who don’t know, that’s the Iron Man Triathlon Logo ↑)

If you have the desire to make a gigantic, sweet, sticky mess of your kitchen, you should probably keep reading. If you don’t, then I ask you, is baking really your thing?

I don’t know, don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of neurotic in a pain-in-the-tush sort of way. I’m the girl who stands over the dirty socks, finger extended, pointing at them until they are picked up because I just cleaned the house.

I’m also the girl who cleans the kitchen BEFORE she bakes. I can’t get creative if there’s dishes in the sink & a blackberry stain on the counter. Then I clean whilst I’m baking. And then I do it all over again once I’m finished & disinfect it all. Yeah, I’m that person.

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oreo stuffed cookies

I have been so amazingly good all week. I mean, beyond good. Lots of salads, roasted veggies, water. There has been absolutely no alcohol consumption what-so-ever or anything that could be considered as unhealthy such as bread, pasta or cupcakes.

Enough of that! I mean seriously, I’ve been a saint all week… now it’s time to destroy that! One cookie just isn’t enough today. So, I’m going to take a cookie, and stuff it inside of another cookie.

Oh. Yes.

I call it….. (wait for it)….. ‘the Cannibal Cookie’!

Kind of sick right? Does it sound better if I call it ‘the cookie that ate another cookie’? Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it now does it.

No time to debate, only to eat more.

Can somebody get me a glass of milk please?

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chewy gingerbread & white chocolate cookies

We’re back to cookies. What can I say, they are completely & utterly comfort food, and man, do I need something comforting.

I’ve been back in Athens for a week & a half now, almost two. That’s 13 days. 312 hours. 18,720 minutes. I wont tell you the seconds, that’s far too obsessive (1,123,200…. in case you were wondering). Yea, I’ve been counting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Greece. Like, I love Greece. We’re involved. Right now though, right this very minute, I think it’s falling apart. You know, just like a force of destruction caving in on itself. Not to mention that I’ve been away from my sisters for one million, one hundred twenty-three, two-hundred seconds. Give or take a few thousand.

What can I say, I’m lost without them.

Still, there is always a positive side. There’s Mel(anie). There’s my fantastic job where I make things that taste incredible & look even better. Of course, there’s also mountains, sea-side, islands, and as of late, extreme weather conditions. So yea, Greece and I have a long lasting love affair. I’m just home sick for my sisters.

In times like this, I do what the rest of the world does. I turn to DIY projects & cookies right out of the oven. Chewy cookies. Warm, chewy cookies. Warm, chewy, gingery cookies. Oh my days… cookies. Sorry, I’m getting carried away. A recipe is in order, perhaps.

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