When it comes to gluten-free, ALWAYS read the label of the products you buy. Soy sauce, miso, stocks, condiments or so many other things can have hidden gluten that you may not be aware of. When possible, go for the brands that have the ‘certified gluten free’ stamp on them.

Also, when preparing gluten free food in an environment where gluten-containing products have been used, make sure to thoroughly clean your countertops, cutting boards, cooking utensils & pots prior to your preparation. Cross contamination can be every bit as harmful.

To read about where our gluten-free journey began, look here.

banana buttermilk pancakes
cinnamon rolls with a buttermilk glaze
coconut & chocolate chip pancakes
– fig jam
fried eggs & sausage on a hearty rusk
– granola bars
– honeydew melon with yogurt, black pepper & honey

blueberry, oat & buckwheat loaf
browned butter cornbread
burger buns
cinnamon & raisin bread
dinner rolls – egg free & vegan
– dove’s farm gluten-free white-bread mix
pita bread
pizza crust
rusks (paximadia)
spinach tortillas

Sauces, condiments & more:
aromatic pear vinegar
peach, rosemary & white wine preserve
pistachio nut butter
red grape & rum jam
roasted garlic paste, lebanese garlic sauce
strawberry puree
sweet tomato jam

– citrus marinated olive
– guacamole

almond hummus & pita chips
– bacon wrapped shrimp
– calamari & pesto
– grilled gavros & vegetables
– orange, carrot & ginger cold soup
– pleurotus mushrooms & leeks, baked
roasted bell pepper & feta dip
– smoked eggplant dip 
stuffed vine leaves

cabbage & pear salad with caramelized hazelnuts
– chicken, fennel, beetroot & spinach salad
– beet salad with a citrus yogurt dressing
grilled cauliflower & aubergine salad with a tahini dressing
– grilled haloumi salad with apple, dates & walnuts
quinoa tabbouleh
– radicchio, pear & grilled brie salad
– red rice & quinoa salad
– roasted beetroot salad with candied walnuts & goat cheese
– smoked salmon salad with a poppyseed vinaigrette

– bean soup
– chestnut soup
lentil soup with roasted chestnuts
– pumpkin soup
– sweet potato & chickpea soup 

– chicken burritos
– chicken curry pasta
coconut covered chicken & sweet thai chili sauce
– miso chicken
– peanut satay sauce & grilled chicken
– prosciutto & sage wrapped chicken
the ultimate turkey sandwich

Meat, pork, lamb, etc…:
– cider braised pork with apples & shallots
– goat stew
– hunkar begendi
onions stuffed with rice & minced meat
– pumpkin pasta
 stuffed pumpkin with wild rice

Fish, crustaceans, seafood etc..:
baked fish with lemon zest, fennel seeds & chili
– baked shrimp with feta

Vegetarian friendly:
lemon & thyme pasta bake
– miso glazed aubergine
– pasta nests with mozzarella, pesto & cherry tomato
– pesto pasta
– stuffed florina peppers with mushrooms, eggplant & cheese
– stuffed portobello mushrooms
– vegetable noodles

– apple & blueberry upside-down crumble
balsamic glazed black cherry tart
banana, chocolate meringue pie
banana split with strawberry ice cream & candied pistachios
banoffee pie
– blackberry & coconut marshmallows
blueberry cheesecake tartlets
cherry & amaretto pavlovas
– chocolate covered frozen bananas
mango sorbet
pâte sucrée (sweet shortcrust pastry)
peach & brie mini tarts
peach pie, double crusted
– pink champagne & raspberry marshmallows
pistachio creme brulee with fig sauce
pumpkin & spice frozen yogurt
– ricotta, white chocolate & pear tart
– saffron & orange crema cotta
– salted caramel pears
– strawberry, pistachio & mascarpone tart
tiramisu with chocolate lady fingers
– vanilla, hazelnut, chili & lemon extract
– vanilla marshmallows

Brownies, bars, etc…:
beurre noisette & sea salt brownies
candied orange peel dipped in chocolate
chocolate energy bites (vegan & raw)
coconut & almond filled chocolates
crystalized ginger
– lavender honey truffles
– lemon, coconut & blueberry squares
– raw chocolate
roasted almond & sea salt chocolate bark
– white chocolate, cranberry & pistachio bars

almond & strawberry roulade
– banana, walnut & chocolate loaf cake
blueberry cake with a cream cheese frosting
– brandy NYC cheese cake with caramelized pecans
chocolate cake with a mascarpone filling
– coconut & lemongrass cake
dark chocolate cake with burnt orange silk buttercream
– dark chocolate cake with a maple caramel center
fondant DIY
hazelnut & chocolate cake with a basil cream filling
lemon layer cake
moist, dark chocolate cake, with a cream filling & a milk chocolate ganache coating

Cupcakes & muffins:
banana cupcakes with a sour chocolate ganache
carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting
– carrot cupcakes
champagne & strawberry cupcakes
– chestnut cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache
cream cheese, blackberry & rolled oat muffins
strawberries & cream, chocolate cupcakes

– chili chocolate cookies with white chocolate chunks
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate lady fingers
– dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies
digestive biscuits
– ghost shaped cookies (only the ghosts)
macaron – dark chocolate & cardamon
macaron – lime, rum & chocolate
macaron – matcha green tea & dark chocolate
macaron – PB&J
macaron – strawberry & mint
macaron – white chocolate & ginger
macaron – vanilla, vodka & chocolate
matcha green tea shortbread – sugar & dairy free
peanut butter cookies
– pistachio, oat & tahini cookies (with gluten free oats)
sugar cookies
vanilla & almond sugar cookies

apple, carrot, ginger & celery juice
baileys with espresso ice cubes
champagne & ginger
coconut milk / flour
ginger-ale & blackberry cocktail
ginger syrup
green tea & lemon cocktail
– hot chocolate
peach, chili & brown sugar martini
summer berry smoothie cups

Custom Flour Blends:
cookie blend
all purpose white flour


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