fantabulous sugar cookies, literally

vanilla & almond sugar cookies

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for the word “fantabulous”.

I know it’s not a real word, & I’m not trying to suggest that other people get on board with my blatant disregard for the english language.

What I am saying is, that this is a word that reminds me of my sister Amyra. She & I have a deep-seeded love for Eddie Izzard & his comic marveling. So when I miss her, I use it more often.

I also felt that the word was appropriate for today. I’ve decided my future will be fantabulous!

Ok. Truth time.

Our future at Hotel Ploes has come to a rather abrupt end. There is no ill will held by either parties as nothing was actually done wrong, however, they have decided to close down the kitchen & all its production. Kitchens take a lot of work & when it was fully understood how many changes would need to be made & how much work was involved, it was decided that they weren’t up to the task.

We part on peaceful & pleasant terms though.

I did myself a little comfort baking last night. You know, just to soften the blow. Sugar cookies have a way of softening blows. Whilst doing this baking I was half missing my sister, terribly, & half contemplating the future & what I reckoned it held for me. I decided that no matter what would happen, it should in fact be fantabulous.

Hence the cookies. I’m starting the new chapter of my life with a sweet & positive attitude. A vanilla & almond flavored attitude.

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heavenly cinnamon rolls

gluten-free cinnamon rolls

The last cinnamon roll I can remember having was from a tin. You know, one of those cardboard tubes where you peel off a layer of paper, press along the seem & the whole thing pops open. Icing included.

I do enjoy a nice, warm, gooey, freshly baked cinnamon roll straight out of the oven though. I had kind of written them off all together once the gluten was cut from my diet. Except for the odd occasion where I found myself lovingly looking through the glass display cases at CinnaBon trying to remember the extent of how good they could be.

Still, the only time that would ever happen was when I was on my way to the movies (since the store was conveniently located at the mall, and I never frequent the mall unless it’s for viewing pleasure), & by the time I was at the movies, the only thing on my mind was popcorn & beer. Well, not beer any more.

Back to the case in point. The only reason I’m even thinking about cinnamon rolls now is because my boss at work has asked that I come up with a homemade croissant for the hotel… being as I can’t work with wheat flour, I’m going to have to achieve something that I thought to be impossible…

One thing lead to another in my train of thought & all of a sudden I was making a list of all the bread-like items that I’d written off permanently as a fond memory. There you have it. My list comprises of gluten-free: bagels, cinnamon rolls, croissant, doughnuts, french toast & more.

I’m doing the cinnamon rolls first since now they are stuck in my head. I’ll save the croissants for when the hotel gets the ingredients in.

As for these gluten-free cinnamon rolls, they are heavenly. They have this moist, warm, chewy texture. Traits that I think are excellent since from what I remember, the majority of cinnamon rolls out there always got dry & more like cardboard. They are just delicious!

I’ve popped a few of them in the freezer before they had a chance to rise or bake. I want to see how they defrost & bake up so I know if they can be stored. Will let you know how that works out…

P.s. the photo is on suspension, the weather is like crap & I can’t get the lighting right to reflect the sheer awesome power of them.

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for love or burger buns

gluten-free sesame seed burger buns

I’ve had such a craving for burgers. This isn’t the first time either.

In the past, I had tried to sate that hunger with a burger patty, a pickle & a blend of ketchup & spicy mustard. It never really did the trick though.

Whilst in Colorado last year, my mum took me to the most fantastic place that had gluten-free burgers on their menu. I was in heaven. I swear, I must have made her take me back there at least four times. Each time ordering the same thing. A truffle burger with swiss cheese & all the fixings. HEAVEN!

It’s been 2 months since those blissful, mouth watering, juicy burgers…. and the cravings are back.

Lucky for me, I’m getting better at making bread. Waaaay better.

Hello beauty…. come to mama!


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rubiks cubes shortbread cookies

gluten-free shortbread cookie. rubiks cube cookieNot going to lie…

I made these cookies look like Rubik’s Cubes just so I could laugh.

My motivation to make a fantastic gluten-free shortbread today came from a very practical place. You see, it’s imperative for every baker to have an amazing shortbread recipe in their repertoire. It’s such a versatile cookie that its possibilities are endless. Not to mention that if you’re gluten-free, your search for a good recipe may not have been the easiest so I wanted to offer you peace of mind.

Also, I keep saying I’m going to post one up so I’m just trying to keep my word.

As for making gluten-free Rubik’s Cube cookies

…well, there’s no explanation.

I literally sat looking at my discs of chilled shortbread dough & all of a sudden I decided I wanted to laugh.

Yea, my job makes me laugh all the time. There’s nothing like building a fondant world to get your abs aching from all the giggling. Mel just looks at me like I’ve lost the plot when he catches me at my work space giggling all by my self.

So there you have it. My inner child took over today & this is the results.

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double crusted peach pie

Pies are what you make for the people you love. Truly.

The kind of love that deepens with every breath in & sometimes causes you to feel as if your heart aches from the sheer volume of it all. The kind that grows over the years, & ages into something beautiful & breath taking.

Yea, I get sappy sometimes.

I learnt to make pies as a child trying to bake my way into my grandfather’s heart, he had a weakness for pecan. I was small & sweet as I would sit on his lap eagerly waiting for his look of approval. I used pre-made crusts back then & thought that if I ground up half the pecans, it would force more of their delicious flavor into each & every bite. I wanted to cram as much love into every mouthful.

Not much has changed.

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