chocolate energy bites

raw, vegan, chocolate energy bites

Mel has this obsession with these raw, vegan energy bars. I’m not denying that they’re delicious, but at 2€ a pop for a bar that provides you with no more than three meager bites…. I’d say they’re all hype with a high price tag.

Still, I’m not one to tell my man “no”. I am however one to take a sneak peak at the back of the packaging to see if they’re smuggling gold into the bars & that’s why they’re robbing us blind for them.

Nope, no gold in them either.

I did get to see though that the bars were made up of five ingredients. All things I could pronounce too.

I decided to make my own version with four ingredients instead, and I’ll be damned if they aren’t better than the original bars. They even look better too.

I have a satisfied man. The wallet hasn’t been depleted. & I can make as many as I want whenever I want.

– 200g dates, de-pitted
– 50g raisins
– 100g almond butter
– 50g ground almonds
– 30g cocoa +more for dusting

1. place the dates, raisins & almond paste together in your food processor & blend until it has all become a creamy mess. Remove from the blender & add in the cocoa & ground almonds.
2. mix until it is all completely & thoroughly combined.
3. roll into balls the size of un-shelled walnuts & place on a baking tray lined with parchment. Place in your oven for 2 hours @ 50C. This is just to dry them out a little, not to cook them.
4. once the time is up, remove them from the oven & allow them to cool before dusting with cocoa. Keep in an air tight container in a cool dark place for up to 2 weeks.

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roasted almond & sea salt chocolate bark

I’ve decided that since we’re getting closer to christmas, day by day inching forward, it’s time to bring out all the recipes that could potentially be given as gift.

Truffles are traditional. Hot chocolate mixes go a long way. Pre-made brownie mixes in a jar that’s been topped off with marshmallows & tied with a pretty red bow. You know, all that jazz.

Although I’m not going to do any of the aforementioned.

As always, I am once again guided by my stomach & a slave to the gods of cravings…. Yes. What I am basically saying is I want this, I want it now, if I eat it all I will be a little piggy with an extra layer of fat to keep myself warm during winter, so instead I’ll eat my fill & tie the rest off with a pretty gold bowl. No, that is not chocolate around the corners of my mouth I swear. Fine, yes it is.

My motives are irrelevant, let’s not bypass the most important point here in which I’m thinking about all my Christmas giving. Hurray for the holiday season!!!

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almond hummus & pita chips

Finally. Snack FOOD!

I told you I had a craving for pita chips. These things are so deliciously crunchy & perfect for vegging out, watching a little stand up comedy.

Paired with almond & roasted red pepper hummus…. well it’s just divine.

Yea, Mel & I had a little veg. A well deserved putting-up of our exhausted feet. Moving is hard work (especially when one of you is a hoarder, not naming names).

I honestly think I deserve a medal for pulling this off. Trying to cook in our kitchen whilst it looks like an obstacle corse was interesting to say the least. I can’t wait to restore order to it. Looking at all my dishes strewn across the counters is unnerving.

Still, I promised I would do something really good with those gluten-free pita breads we made, & I’m pretty darn good at keeping my promises. Especially when they coincide with my cravings.

Right, back to packing… see you all on the other side of the move! xxx

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lemon & coconut squares – gluten free


We’re back to lemons again. Lemon bars too for that matter. I’m calling them “squares” this time though, just to ensure that you know they are different.

It’s summer, at least it is here. 32°C outside more than counts as beautiful summer weather. With the weather change comes a change in cravings. People stop going for the heavy, dense, comforting flavors of winter that warm them from their toes into their souls. Instead, we crave fresh, light, fruity flavors that scream “I’ve been grown in the sunshine!!!!! Eat me!“.

Actually, come to think of it, all the flavors I’ve put in here remind me of my past.

Drinking coconut milk out of coconuts we cracked open ourselves on the beach in Dubai. Picking wild blueberries on our farm in Montreal. The smell of the newly blossomed flowers on the lemon trees in our back garden here in Greece. Each & every smell & taste just flood me with memories.

Yea, I think these lemon, coconut & blueberry squares just flood me with happiness right now.

I hope they make you as happy as they’ve made me.

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dark chocolate cake with a maple caramel centre – gluten free

gluten free

Cravings. How I love& hate them all at the same time. There’s just no way around it. When that longing, that deep seeded hunger starts to form & takes over your every thought…. there is no stopping it.

I’ve been craving chocolate. You know, the really dark kind that is almost bitter. The kind that you only eat a little at a time & let it melt on your tongue engulfing your taste buds in a rich, luxurious velvety experience.

For Mel, well, he craves almond butter & maple syrup. He has this thing for the earthy flavors that I haven’t fully understood. His mouth is not my mouth though, we do not experience things in the same fashion. The only thing I can hope to do, is meet him in the middle.

The middle ground of course, is this cake. It’s completely gluten free so I can indulge all I want, and it combines Mel’s cravings & my cravings into what I can only describe as heaven.

Side note:
Originally this recipe should make a whole cake… and originally you should follow the recipe to the letter. As an after thought though, I later decided that the dark chocolate cake itself is a little bit of a pain in the tush to remove from the tin, and every time you cut into it, it oozes maple caramel. Yes, the caramel just seeps out of it & it is beyond amazingly delicious. In the words of Eddie Izzard, it’s “fantabulous”. I’ve decided that this recipe might work much better as a single serving treat so that each individual can fully indulge & no one is scrapping the bottom of the cake tin trying to take more caramel than they rightfully should. Trust me, we all do it. The second way may not be techinically correct, but what it means is that:
1. it looks better
2. every one gets an equal amount
3. it’s easy to add a scoop of ice cream
4. well, my way is usually better

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