cider braised pork with shallots & apple

When I started trying to evolve my cooking skills to a more technical level I remember obsessing with complicated stuff, using 209137 pots and pans and searching for hard to get ingredients. After that fad passed there were a good three months where all I did every sunday was patiently cook braised meat and chicken and baking fresh bread. After all my efforts I still cannot be consistent with the bread but I think my braised meat is at a very high level. Below you can find the first recipe I tried which is the simplest I have and I will slowly post the more complicated ones with some surprise ingredients like chocolate…
What I am trying to do here is combine the nice juicy, tender, fragrant result of the braising method with the nicely caramelized exterior of a roast.

– mel

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chestnut soup

We’re back to soups, chestnut this time. I know it sounds a little odd, but hear me out. It is cold outside. It is the time of year where you start finding street venders selling these little gems roasted on every corner. Soups are good for you, they warm the soul. Chestnuts are sweet in a comforting way. Yeah, I’m clearly all about comfort eating.

I know our soup images seem repetitious, I can’t find a way around that at the moment. Maybe we’ll do something crazy like photography it in a mug. Then again, that would just be silly. So I’ve just been reminded by my dearest little Julia who looks like an elf, that I do like pictures of soup in mugs. The reason she knows this, is being a food photographer herself, she showed me her portfolio & her images of soup in mugs & I was thrilled… I forgot. I’m going to copy her now. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Enjoy the soup. The sweet, hearty, chestnut soup.

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