cabbage & caramelized hazelnut salad

Let me share with you all a problem I have been facing the last few years. I have developed an amazing craving for nuts & seeds that is bordering on an obsession. I put nuts in my salads, my rice, I eat them with honey & I put them in pastry bases. My favorite way  lately is using funky nut butters like almond or cashew as spreads on anything I can find… the other day I was dipping walnuts in cashew butter! However healthy they may be, they are still on the top of the list for the most fattening foods you can eat.

100gr of almonds = 600 calories
100gr of sugar = 400 calories
100gr of ice cream = 200 calories.

This explains why I can’t lose any weight when all I eat are “salads”. That being said though, I’m not gaining any either…. and if we’re taking into consideration the type of calories begin consumed, nuts are amongst the healthiest forms of calories you can get. See, it’s all about which is better for you.

This recipe today is an amazing combination of flavors & very healthy in the modified way I present it here…. instead of eating the whole thing myself & just sprinkling some cabbage on top of a bowl full of nuts

– mel

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stuffed onions

While I was writing this recipe, I was getting that feeling of deja vu… A quick look to our recipe archives and the feeling was confirmed… apparently we like to stuff things. Vine leaves, pumpkins, peppers you name it… Lauren even stuffed a cookie inside of another cookie!

That sounds strange but anyhow we specialize in stuffing as it seems. Maybe we should call ourselves “Whatever’s Stuffed” or “We Stuff Everything” or something along those lines.

This recipe is essentially a steak with caramelized onion and a side of basmati rice… but all conveniently packed in one nice little package ideal for easily feeding many. Enjoy and stuff you next week.. erm I mean see you next week…

 – mel

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maple & bacon ‘pancake’ muffins

Since it’s a new year & all, I’d like to impart a word of warning. Never attempt yoga whilst in the middle of texting. For real.

On another note, I don’t have breakfast nearly enough & I think it’s high time I share one of the most awesome breakfasts ever. Pancake muffins. That’s right, I said it, it’s a pancake in a muffin.

Get. Out. Of. TOWN!” I hear you say? Well no, no I wont. I will however take it upon myself to share this completely & utterly, amazing & awesome recipe though.

…after all, who would appreciate crispy bacon & sweet maple syrup combined in a delicious, easy-to-go, no-mess, single-serving.

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Stuffed portobello mushrooms

We have a saying in Greece that if translated directly goes like this: “Either the ship’s course is crooked or the shoreline is…” Basically what it means is that if everyone thinks you are wrong but only you think you are right… well maybe you are wrong.

Now I believe that stuffing these big Portobello mushrooms with all kinds of things is amazing, but everyone around me thinks otherwise (except Lauren). Who should I trust? I still think the shore is crooked but what I will do is give everyone two choices.

Some tasters thought that this particular recipe was a bit overwhelming while others liked the rich stuffing. What I understood was that some people view this dish as a simple starter worthy of 1-2 bites and others like to have it as a filling first course. Personally I like eating two of these as a main with some other accompaniment. So in order to satisfy everyone there is soon going to be a sequel to this episode accommodating the other way people want to eat this dish.

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cauliflower and broccoli bake

This week I had a continuous craving for healthy food. I was always hungry for fresh fruit, nice seasonal vegetables, no sugar and no fried stuff. However I have noticed that this period never lasts for more than 5 days and always ends with me preparing something decadent and fatty that completely cancels the benefits of my 5 day healthy diet. So, this Sunday,  apart from eating half of Laurens cake and almost all her cookies, ( about 1kg of cake and around 15 cookies), I had to cook some beautiful vegetables my grandfather brought from the farm. My mind was only thinking about how to make this fresh healthy cauliflower and broccoli that I had in front of me into something heart attack worthy. If you are interested in a cheesy, savory, comforting recipe read on. Otherwise you can steam them and eat them with lemon and olive oil.

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