banana, chocolate & meringue pie

gluten-free banana, chocolate meringue pie

All I can think about is Montreal.

When my sisters & I were little, our grandfather had this beautiful farm in Montreal that was our little slice of heaven. We used to go every summer & spend the entire time outside & dirty. If we weren’t in a riding lesson, or competing at a competition, we were in the fields hunting for wild blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, climbing up trees, exploring in the woods looking for abandoned tree-houses built by hunters, or swimming.

Our bedroom was located in the barn directly above our horses. We originally used to sleep in the main house, but eventually everyone caught on that we wanted to be as close to our four legged friends as possible, & my grandfather had the attic in the barn converted into one large room. Andy, our resident handy man & grounds keeper (also the sweetest, kindest man one could ever meet) had even build us a balcony overlooking the fields. On a clear night, we had the best view anyone could ask for.

This is a painting someone once did of the farm, just so you get a sense of the magic:
Pope's Hill Farm, Montreal, QuebecI tell you all this because my sister Amyra & I were once again reminiscing about the magic & missing it terribly.

More often than not, when I miss a time or place, I remember the food & the smells that were associated with it. For the farm, chocolate & meringue pie is always the first thing that comes to mind. Rich, creamy, & delicious.

I told you, pie for me embodies love. If you don’t feel overwhelmed by love when you’re making it, it wont be amazing. Good, but not amazing.

So, feeling completely nostalgic & romanticizing the past, I decided it was time I posted up my very own recipe. I made a small adjustment by adding in bananas, but the rest of the pie is as close to the original as I could make it. Every single bit is bliss. Every single mouthful makes me feel all warm & fussy inside.

I miss my sisters. & I miss our paradise.

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sour chocolate ganache on banana cake cupcakes


I have this thing where I think that if I make cupcakes instead of a full sized cake… I’ll control the quantities I consume. Theoretically, it should work. Practically, it rarely does.

Surprise, surprise though, this time I’ve managed it. Possibly because I found some very willing taste testers to give the excess to.

See, theoretically, my idea is genius. It’s so much easier to give cupcakes away than to show up to someone’s house with a cake that has chunks missing & dig marks from your fork left all over it.

Still…. can’t say I wanted to share these. The creamy sour chocolate ganache & rich banana cake was just so delicious. The quinoa flour used was also an excellent compliment in both taste & texture.

Folks, we have a winner. xxx

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banoffee pie

Mel has been begging me for a banoffee pie for a while.

Actually, begging is completely the wrong way to describe it.

He’s been craving it, & since he didn’t believe it could be done gluten-free & still be good, he’s been taunting me & telling me that he’s going to make one all for himself & eat it in front of me.

Well, I never turn down a challenge.

I also refuse to watch him go through the process of making one, and then have to sit there being tortured whilst I sit witness to him take each gigantic mouthful & listen as he makes “mmmmmm” sounds as if he were some sort of bovine, possibly a buffalo.

So, I beat him to the punch, & more importantly, I proved him wrong. I love proving him wrong, It makes me want to do a victory dance on top of the kitchen table.

All I had to do was perfect the gluten-free version of a digestive biscuit first, seeing as we all know that the most important part of a banoffee pie, is the crust…. don’t argue.

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banana buttermilk pancakes

I know I promised everyone Champagne Thursdays. Really. I’m not changing that, I’m just skipping this Thursday is all.

I blame pancakes.

Warm, buttery, fluffy gluten-free pancakes with maple syrup.

I couldn’t shake the craving. I woke up with a hankering for them that was undeniable & I just had to fulfill it.

I’m sorry. I know I said we’d get a little light headed & enjoy a break from the mid-week work load together, & we will. Just not today.

You can’t blame me when it comes to buttermilk banana pancakes.

I haven’t had a pancake since before I found out that there would be no more gluten. I didn’t dare allow myself to dream that there could ever be pancakes again! But this morning, this morning I couldn’t take it any longer. I made what I had previously thought to be impossible, possible.

I’m in heaven. Maple syrup & warm banana heaven.

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everybody do the (banana) splits!

honeyed strawberry ice-cream, pistachio brittle, coconut & chocolate hard chocolate shell

I’m bringing back everybody’s childhood favorite when it comes to frozen desserts.

What you’re looking at right here is a not-so-traditional banana split done my way. By my way, I mean I started it from scratch by making some creamy¬†honeyed-strawberry ice-cream…. covered it in my version of chocolate magic shell (which by all accounts can be healthy since it’s just dark chocolate & coconut butter)… & then sprinkled some pistachio-nut-brittle over it. It’s not simple, it’s not over the top either, but it is extremely delicious.

There’s no way I’m sharing this with any children though. Let’s be honest, I’m not sharing at all.

Oddly, I’m ok with that.

Hey, no judgment please.

Just because I’m sitting here with a giant bowl in my hand wearing a tank top that is color coordinated to match the ice-cream does not mean I have reverted back to being a child. It doesn’t mean anything at all.

Yes, you could just go out & buy all the components ready made & then just assemble it at home. Or alternatively you could go to an ice-cream parlor & have them make it for you….. better yet, do it my way. Not going to lie, my way is better.

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