roasted beetroot salad with spicy candied walnuts and goat cheese

This has become my favorite winter salad. I make sure to get a piece of every ingredient on each mouthful because this combination is an amazing experience. The catalyst that combines everything so well are the candied walnuts so make sure to include them… they are not just for show. You can either make them with maple syrup, which in my opinion gives them a more complex flavor and is easier to handle, or with sugar for a more crunchy result. For the walnuts, you can multiply the recipe and make these for your own indulgunce or give as a gift.

(mel seems to think this is an acceptable use of a dish cloth, to permanently stain them for the easy removal of the beetroot skins) – nickey

(in his defense, it worked a treat… doesn’t change the fact that the towel was still destroyed) – nickey

– Mel

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salmon & cream cheese sandwich with veggy crisps

This recipe is a two parter. First & foremost, we have the amazing mixed veggy crisps that are just to die for. All the crisps you see in the image, plus another batch were consumed entirely by myself. And I don’t usually eat crisps.

I mean just look at those breathtakingly gorgeous colours. You’ve got carrot, sweet potato & beet root there & it looks like heaven even before it’s fried. I mean just look!

Next you’ve got to take into account the salmon, cream cheese & chives sandwich. Everybody loves one of those. Those who don’t, will love this one.

Now, are you ready for this? The magic happens….. combine them! Sandwich & vegetable crisps together. Ta-da!


That’s all from me tonight…. it’s been an incredibly long day & I just don’t have it in me to show anything more than the magic that’s already been shared. xxx

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grilled chicken, sweet fennel, spicy rocket & fresh spinach salad

You can’t pick your family… Luckily though you can pick your ingredients, & that seems to make up for it all.

Comfort food, I could go for some of that. Something that makes me feel good on the inside & good about myself. It’s not about eating the most unhealthy thing you can find when you’re upset, it’s about eating something that makes your taste buds dance & scream with joy.

Hot, grilled chicken & wilting spinach leaves with a citrus dressing do that for me. That does it for me every time. Bread-pudding does that for me too. A giant bowl of whole-wheat pasta & tuna with a mustard & lemon dressing does it too.
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next on the list… beet salad

We woke up this morning ready to enjoy our last day on the island, and do you know what greeted us? A cold, cloudy, rainy day. Can you believe it? So of course being the big babies that we are, we jumped on a boat and headed back to Athens. There’s valid reasoning behind this, but of course it never sounds that reasonable when you relay it back at a later point in time.

Our wonderful reasoning decided that rather than waste tomorrow on a boat when it may very well be a bright sunny day, it was better to book boat tickets today & spend 3 hours of our lives on the boat when the weather is already miserable. That way, nothing was lost.
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