browned butter cornbread

browned butter cornbread - gluten-free

Cornbread… how deliciously southern.

The very idea of cornbread always makes me think of eating hushpuppies & fried catfish with my dad.

My daddy was one of those extra special people who could put a smile on anyone’s face. The man had a sense of humor that knew no bounds… and for the little time I had with him, he was my super hero.

The point I’m getting at here is that I saw a picture of cornbread pop up on one of my feeds the other day, & immediately I was transported back to a time where every second I spent with my dad was bliss.

I don’t need much more convincing than that. If the idea of food gives me a happy memory, I’m going to make that dish.

I’m not a complicated person, I’m just absolutely, irrefutably ruled by my emotions.

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red velvet, cheese cake brownies

I think this recipe is a little long overdue. I mentioned that I had made them before I had left for the US, but at the time the recipe just didn’t come out properly. Now, I know for a fact that it had nothing to do with the recipe. How do I know this? Well, when I wrote the recipe, I managed to execute it several times with complete success at work.

the start of red velvet brownies

It’s my oven at home. Seriously, that oven has turned so many things into a disaster. Whilst in AZ, I had my confirmation that it really was truly down to the fault of my oven. If I could make the recipe work half way around the world for Jen, Nate & Jon, there was no way it was my fault. I think making them for that bunch had to have been my favorite by far, they were extra special & we then proceeded to curl up on the couch & laugh to the comedic mastermind of Mr. Eddy Izzard.

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mini chocolate cheese cakes

It is all about recycling. Do you have any idea how expensive chocolate can get when you screw up a recipe that calls for a kilo of it? Yea, ouch. It just so happens I screwed up a double batch of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies that I was making for an order. That’s not one dose, but two, two whole doses. Technically, it’s not really my fault since I didn’t really do anything wrong. I suppose blaming the weather would be more appropriate. Yes, did you know weather can play a role in how your baked goods, well, bake? Because it’s been so cold & damp, the baking powder has gone off & the flour is a little more dense than usual, so my cookies didn’t rise. Of course you can’t sell cookies that look like melted puddles, but throw them away? Seriously? No, I think not. One option was to just eat them all…. but nobody wants to see the size my derrière will get if I do that. So, I thought on my feet. What can cookies be used for? Well, they can be used as a base. A base for cheese cakes. We all like things in mini, so, mini cheesecakes was the next logical step in my thought pattern. And seeing as the cookies were chocolaty, I didn’t want to go against that….. so mini chocolate cheesecakes were born. Oh my good gracious, YES!

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espresso & chocolate cupcakes with a caramel mascarpone icing

I’d just like to give a little shout out to my mum today, it’s her birthday!!! At least for another three & a half hours it is. I didn’t bake her anything today, but I will share a sweet recipe on her behalf. Not that this is any consolation, but she came by the bakery to see me on Thursday & I gave her a small box of cookies & a cupcake that I had just baked… that’s almost the same thing, right? Anywho, if you’re reading this, happy birthday mama.

I’m cheating a bit here. The only thing I made today was a tuna salad, granted it was delicious, I put fresh coriander in there. Coriander has to be my new favorite herb, it’s unbelievably delicious. Still, I’m sharing sweet today. By sweet I mean I’m sharing dark chocolate & espresso cupcakes with a caramel mascarpone. Can you say yum. I can. Is it impolite to say “yum” when you made it? I think not.

So, lets start with the cupcakes.
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