chocolate energy bites

raw, vegan, chocolate energy bites

Mel has this obsession with these raw, vegan energy bars. I’m not denying that they’re delicious, but at 2€ a pop for a bar that provides you with no more than three meager bites…. I’d say they’re all hype with a high price tag.

Still, I’m not one to tell my man “no”. I am however one to take a sneak peak at the back of the packaging to see if they’re smuggling gold into the bars & that’s why they’re robbing us blind for them.

Nope, no gold in them either.

I did get to see though that the bars were made up of five ingredients. All things I could pronounce too.

I decided to make my own version with four ingredients instead, and I’ll be damned if they aren’t better than the original bars. They even look better too.

I have a satisfied man. The wallet hasn’t been depleted. & I can make as many as I want whenever I want.

– 200g dates, de-pitted
– 50g raisins
– 100g almond butter
– 50g ground almonds
– 30g cocoa +more for dusting

1. place the dates, raisins & almond paste together in your food processor & blend until it has all become a creamy mess. Remove from the blender & add in the cocoa & ground almonds.
2. mix until it is all completely & thoroughly combined.
3. roll into balls the size of un-shelled walnuts & place on a baking tray lined with parchment. Place in your oven for 2 hours @ 50C. This is just to dry them out a little, not to cook them.
4. once the time is up, remove them from the oven & allow them to cool before dusting with cocoa. Keep in an air tight container in a cool dark place for up to 2 weeks.

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hazelnut bars

It’s been a cold & rainy month spent largely on the couch watching lots & lots of movies. Truth be told, we all need snacks when curled up on the couch. Eating an entire jar of nutella with a spoon feels far too sinful to be qualified as a snack…. so I made the next best things. Hazelnut & milk chocolate bars on a chocolate shortbread base.

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mini chocolate cheese cakes

It is all about recycling. Do you have any idea how expensive chocolate can get when you screw up a recipe that calls for a kilo of it? Yea, ouch. It just so happens I screwed up a double batch of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies that I was making for an order. That’s not one dose, but two, two whole doses. Technically, it’s not really my fault since I didn’t really do anything wrong. I suppose blaming the weather would be more appropriate. Yes, did you know weather can play a role in how your baked goods, well, bake? Because it’s been so cold & damp, the baking powder has gone off & the flour is a little more dense than usual, so my cookies didn’t rise. Of course you can’t sell cookies that look like melted puddles, but throw them away? Seriously? No, I think not. One option was to just eat them all…. but nobody wants to see the size my derrière will get if I do that. So, I thought on my feet. What can cookies be used for? Well, they can be used as a base. A base for cheese cakes. We all like things in mini, so, mini cheesecakes was the next logical step in my thought pattern. And seeing as the cookies were chocolaty, I didn’t want to go against that….. so mini chocolate cheesecakes were born. Oh my good gracious, YES!

And there you have it. An accident, turned fantabulous! Or fantastic & fabulous. Or just plain awesome will do, also. Enjoy :) Continue reading

espresso & chocolate cupcakes with a caramel mascarpone icing

I’d just like to give a little shout out to my mum today, it’s her birthday!!! At least for another three & a half hours it is. I didn’t bake her anything today, but I will share a sweet recipe on her behalf. Not that this is any consolation, but she came by the bakery to see me on Thursday & I gave her a small box of cookies & a cupcake that I had just baked… that’s almost the same thing, right? Anywho, if you’re reading this, happy birthday mama.

I’m cheating a bit here. The only thing I made today was a tuna salad, granted it was delicious, I put fresh coriander in there. Coriander has to be my new favorite herb, it’s unbelievably delicious. Still, I’m sharing sweet today. By sweet I mean I’m sharing dark chocolate & espresso cupcakes with a caramel mascarpone. Can you say yum. I can. Is it impolite to say “yum” when you made it? I think not.

So, lets start with the cupcakes.
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