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salted caramel & buttered popcorn cake

This is not an original thought. In fact, I’m just waiting till it becomes as popular as red velvet. And really, I wouldn’t be lying if I were to tell you that it should be MORE popular than red velvet.

This is what comes of the “monkey see, monkey do” effect. I saw this cake… first in an article written about a famous restaurant. Then again on a blog. & slowly slowly, I see more & more variations of it popping up before my eyes. Each time becoming more & more enticing.

Really, you have to be a fan of buttered popcorn & salted caramel. Then again, who isn’t. Did you ever try those buttered popcorn jellybeans? This is just like that. You kind of think “uh, WEIRD”, but then you have a bite & it becomes *MIND BLOWN*!

So. Um. Yeah. I totally made one for myself.

It’s my birthday & I can do whatever the heck I want. Including make my own cake.

…let’s be honest though, those who know me, know I’m far too much of a control freak to ever let anyone else make me a cake.

As for this one? This buttery, delicious, salty masterpiece? Well, the idea may not be original… but the recipes I wrote are completely my own. Who knows… maybe if I’m feeling in a particularly good mood, I’ll release it.

If you really want to see them happen, you should totally click on the link bellow. You can pledge & call it your birthday gift to me. Put it this way… my writing a book, means you can make this cake at home all by yourself



Are you at all curious as to what the cookbook might look like?

Well, one viewer on KICKSTARTER was…

They asked me for a sample spread of what pages from the book might look like visually. I’m not a graphic designer, but I decided it was more important to throw something together & give people an idea. I assure you, I will have a real professional take care of the actual book however.

For now…. this is my take:

page layout3

This can only be a reality with awesome & amazing people like you… So pledge! Spread the word! Share the video around & lets get this book made!!!

To mark the first week on KICKSTARTER!

To mark the end of our epic first week, I’ve decided to launch another competition…. This time, prepare to get involved. I mean fully submerged. & possibly a little messy too.

As you all know, I made a sour cherry pie in my video…. I shared the recipe with the idea of enticing your appetites & drawing you into my sugar cravings.

For this next challenge? Well, I’m not asking you to make my recipe. Not exactly any way. I’m inviting you all to have a look at mine & come up with your own wonderful versions of it.



You want to turn it into an open tart & make it with brown sugar? Maybe make a home-made rum & pecan ice-cream to accompany it? Make a chocolate crust? Change the shape?

Whatever you can dream up, I want to see it. I want to taste it & see how you’ve taken a starting thought & made it completely your own!

All recipes & photos should be sent to me by e-mail ( I will publish each & every one on my blog (, & include a link to each recipe on my Facebook page. At the end of the campaign, I will assemble a team of trusted friends who tastebuds I admire & together we will select the best one.

The only absolute guidelines that you have to stick to is that:
1. the recipe has to remain gluten-free
2. it needs to contain sour cherries.

“What is the prize??” I hear you asking… Well, the winner will have their recipe published in the book with their name credited at the bottom of the recipe as well as in the credits section of the book. They will also receive a copy of the cookbook to go along with it so they can show off their recipe to all of their friends!

The deadline for submissions is the same as the deadline for the campaign – 22nd of September!

Happy baking everyone!!!!!

– Lauren-Nicole xxx

P.s. thank you for your continued support! Let’s get this cookbook MADE!

a little friendly competition!

Ever since we were kids, the idea of playing games has always been appealing.

In an attempt to reach the child inside of all of us, I’d like to encourage a little friendly competition for all to partake in. The winner will get a free copy of the cookbook that is currently running as a campaign on KICKSTARTER! (this of course is subject to the campaign reaching its target goal)

In order to participate, all players must upload a photo of their favourite gluten-free recipe to twitter & tag the photo with @popichred & #eatinglikeyoumeanit.

The photos will then be uploaded to the Facebook page for The photo with the most {LIKES} will win the prize!

Happy playing!

P.p.s. Remember to check out the campaign on KICKSTARTER & show your support!