chocolate energy bites

raw, vegan, chocolate energy bites

Mel has this obsession with these raw, vegan energy bars. I’m not denying that they’re delicious, but at 2€ a pop for a bar that provides you with no more than three meager bites…. I’d say they’re all hype with a high price tag.

Still, I’m not one to tell my man “no”. I am however one to take a sneak peak at the back of the packaging to see if they’re smuggling gold into the bars & that’s why they’re robbing us blind for them.

Nope, no gold in them either.

I did get to see though that the bars were made up of five ingredients. All things I could pronounce too.

I decided to make my own version with four ingredients instead, and I’ll be damned if they aren’t better than the original bars. They even look better too.

I have a satisfied man. The wallet hasn’t been depleted. & I can make as many as I want whenever I want.

– 200g dates, de-pitted
– 50g raisins
– 100g almond butter
– 50g ground almonds
– 30g cocoa +more for dusting

1. place the dates, raisins & almond paste together in your food processor & blend until it has all become a creamy mess. Remove from the blender & add in the cocoa & ground almonds.
2. mix until it is all completely & thoroughly combined.
3. roll into balls the size of un-shelled walnuts & place on a baking tray lined with parchment. Place in your oven for 2 hours @ 50C. This is just to dry them out a little, not to cook them.
4. once the time is up, remove them from the oven & allow them to cool before dusting with cocoa. Keep in an air tight container in a cool dark place for up to 2 weeks.

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grilled haloumi salad with apple and dates

“I want to eat light, so I will go for the green salad” said the thin woman sitting behind us in the restaurant. Right there I thought about the fact that what I call a salad, isn’t what most people imagine. I like lots of toppings and cheese and walnuts and…I end up eating a huge bowl of it. So, in my restaurant the salad wont be for diet, but the other way around.

– mel

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amazing apple cookies, seriously

I’d like to just say, seriously?!?!

Actually, I’ll say it twice, The first time will be because these cookies have been absolutely amazing, incredible, mouthwatering, delicious, spot-hitting & fantastic every single time I’ve made them (they are apple, date, walnut & butterscotch cookies)…. and the SECOND “seriously?!?!” is going to be because this time round, I didn’t get to eat a single one.

Not one. Single. One. SERIOUSLY!!!! (ok, so that makes 3).

Who does that, who denies the baker a taste of her own delectable treats?! It’s just not on. I repeat. It’s just, not, on!

The thing is, there isn’t just one culprit here. Mel ate some, his grandmother took a bunch to her friends dinner party, my mother took some home, mel’s grandfather ate a whole bunch… and because everyone was coming & going form the kitchen, no one communicates or keeps track of everyone else, no one thought to ask “has Lauren had any?”.

I suppose they all just assumed that I had. I guess that’s a fair assumption, being as most of the time I’m eating things as soon as they come out of the oven…. but seriously? I’m pretty sad about this.

I know I should try & look at the other side of things, the side where if they were all gone then that’s a huge testament as to their sheer greatness… but I’m still sad. I’m going to share the recipe all the same though, just because I didn’t get to enjoy any doesn’t mean I should penalize the rest of you. I’m going to go sulk now….

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red rice & quinoa salad

So I’m sitting here & licking my wounds, metaphorically speaking of course. I always joke that most people have no idea how to drive in the rain, especially in countries where it rarely rains. I have always found this tremendously funny… until today of course.

The day started off all well & good with a very full day in the kitchen, bar the sink full of dirty dishes left over by one of the other chefs. I wasn’t to appreciative of this but 15 minutes spent over the sink with hot water & plenty of suds took care of that pretty quickly. 54 vanilla cupcakes, 54 chocolate cupcakes, 44 red velvet cupcakes, 15 double chocolate chip cookies & over 300 mini cupcake tasters. It wasn’t a 10 hour day again, but it was exhausting.

I was a little nervous to begin the day after Lefteris & I had a talk, he’d told me how I’d been a bit afloat the previous days & it seemed as though I wasn’t really focused. Needless to say I panicked & stepped up my game. Of course I’d warned the owners of the bakery that I’m prone to making mistakes but I tend to get into the swing of things pretty quickly. It was a nice change of pace & I got completely lost in my own world. Singing along out of tune to all my favorite songs on my custom play list & getting completely covered in flour & cacao. My dream job. Really. Is it bad to tell people that you love your job? Any way, I love it & I wont apologize for that, in fact, I insist that everyone also be as happy for me as I am.
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