tall tier madness

three tiered wedding cake with pipped lace, peony flowers & an extended middle tier


I had the honour & privilege of attending my vet’s wedding last night. Not as a guest of course, but rather as one of the catering servers & also as the cake designer along with my partner Eirini.

Nice event, small, beautiful location… & of course, lots of booze. Like any good wedding should have.

Did I mention I also had the fortunate luck to witness my vet dancing on a bar wearing his wife’s veil & exposing his midriff? Oh yes, good fun. Going to have a hard time keeping a serious face the next time Loki needs a checkup.

Still, I do have a certain soft-spot for weddings. Between the booze & cake, there really can’t be anything but a good time.

This cake here gave us a hell of a time though. Even though the weather has cooled off, it has been humid as all hell. Do you have any idea what humidity does to fondant? Huh? Do you?!

Humidity makes fondant sticky. I mean stickier that superglue. Shiny too. It becomes a sticky, shiny mess that just loves to rip & mark all over the place.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that every road in Syros seems to be either on a steep incline/decline or on a hairpin turn. & the potholes! Did I mention that the design of the cake made it have a very high centre of gravity? Oh, yea. Transporting it was a JOYOUS occasion.

Still, for all the complaining I seem to be doing, Eirini & I were honoured to have the opportunity to put this thing together. Just getting to play with gold luster dust, pipping lace & an extended middle tier, more than made up for the frustrations that awaited us.

So here it is. Our newest creation. I think it may even be our last wedding cake for 2013 seeing as wedding season is over. That does make me a little sad. Anywho, still thrilled to have had all the opportunities we had this year, both of us have been incredibly grateful for all the work that has come our way.



the Jungle Book

the Jungle Book birthday cake - featuring Mowgli, Baloo & Bagheera“Now I’m the King of the swingers, oh the jungle VIP. I’ve reached the top & had to stop & that’s what’s botherin’ me!”….. I’ve had this song on repeat in my head for three days now. Three whole days of singling like King Louie in my own little sound track… & let me tell you what, the music in my head is awfully loud!
the Jungle Book birthday cake - featuring Mowgli, Baloo & BagheeraIn my defence though, the Jungle Book was one of my favourite cartoons as a child & I used to sing the songs at the top of my lungs back then. Not much has changed.

Maybe that’s why I love making these cakes so much… I’m really still just that child who loves to sing along to disney songs.

the Jungle Book birthday cake - featuring Mowgli, Baloo & Bagheera Do you want to know what my very first CD was? Disney music. It was a gift from my mum & I loved it.

Have to say though, I got incredibly lucky with having Eirini as my partner in crime to make these cakes with…. Not only is she ridiculously talented, she’s also a cartoon freak who gets just as excited as I do.

Thank you Eirini!!!!the Jungle Book birthday cake - featuring Mowgli, Baloo & Bagheera

Now lets just hope that our client loves the cake as much as we do! Wish us luck xxx

“it’s a nice day for a white wedding”

peach buttercream roses, polka dotted pink pearls & a pink peony on top of a chocolate, gluten-free wedding cake

There have been a whole load of cakes lately on our feed over here at Whatever’s Left… this cake stands out from the rest though since it is the only wedding cake out of the bunch.

I’m so happy to report that this is also the very first wedding cake done in Syros!!! Looks like I may just end up making all my dreams come true after all! Yes, it’s true, someone made a comment once about how I was insane if I thought I was going to have a career on an island as a gluten-free cake designer & how I needed to lower my expectations. Goes to show that I’m persistent!

….because not only did I make the cake, I also made sure that 250+ guests were satisfied with each having a slice of cake. Oh yeah baby, 27kg of rich, moist quinoa chocolate cake later & I can finally say I made it through to the other side of that ordeal alive.

peach buttercream roses, polka dotted pink pearls & a pink peony on top of a chocolate, gluten-free wedding cake

I can’t take all the credit though. I have to thank Ntanos for lending me 12 large baking trays & the use of his truly awesome oven that nearly overwhelmed me with it’s sheer greatness.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Eirini P. once again. She kept me focused, inspired, & really helped in an amazing way. She keeps calm & she has solutions. I’m lucky to have someone as passionate as baking & cake design as I am by my side.

 Alright, a little about the cake before I end this banter…

On top we have a beautiful baby pink peony made out of sugarpaste. Next up, it the pink pearl polka dots on the white fondant…. & last but not least is a layer of peach buttercream roses. All on top of my triple chocolate threat cake from earlier last week. Not bad for a weeks worth of work if I do say so myself!

Right, on that note, I am well & truly exhausted…. xxx

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Cinderella at midnight

cinderella at midnight.... a designed cake for the occasion featuring the pumpkin carriage

I can never quite convey just how magical a cake is through a photo.

It’s the curse I tell you, the more I like the cake, the worse the picture of it is.

Like this one for example….

Cinderella getting ready for the ball in the dead of night, with only the starry sky to light the magic of her pumpkin turning into a glorious carriage..

Or the face of the elated little girl who received the cake for her fifth birthday.

Or how about the fact that when you cut into it, it was a gorgeous shade of pink from all of the fresh strawberries that went into the cake?

Yea… there was magic in it alright.

Not to mention I think Eirini & I actually get high off of the sheer pleasure we both receive when making these cakes. I’ve found that I thoroughly enjoy having another enthusiastic body in my kitchen getting just as excited as I do by all the fondant & colours. See, now that’s a girl I can imagine opening a cake shop with….

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the birthday cake

I have this friend.

Actually, soulmate would be more accurate.

She’s the kind of girl that when you’re around her, you can’t stop smiling or laughing. The kind of laughter that makes your ribs hurt.

I’d go as far as to say she’s amazing.

Not every one understands her sense of humor, and like she loves to tell me time & time again, she’s just not funny in Greek.

But to me, even when I want to cry she makes me laugh.

From the first time I met her, we were in love. Platonic, but love none the less. She’s me, or I’m her, just switch out the hair colour.

Same star sign, same age, same hight, same background. I’m telling you, it was meant to be.

For her, I’d do anything & everything. Including claiming the making of every single birthday cake her beautiful little boy will ever have. He’s gorgeous, what a heart breaker that kid is going to be, and he looks more & more like his mama every day.

I love you beautiful girl.

…… & look at your handsome men xxx

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