for the healing body

The last three weeks have been an adventure to say the very least….

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how clumsy I am… wish I could say I wasn’t, but as my mother has been fond of saying over the years “you’re an accident waiting to happen, just like your daddy!”. What can I say, she’s right.

Unfortunately for me, this time I’ve really gone & made a mess. Suffice to say, I managed to fracture & dislocate my metatarsals (in layman’s terms, I’ve broken my foot) as well as tear all my ligaments. One surgery & three screws later, I am slowly but surly on my way to becoming RoboCop.

It has been rough, more than rough, & being confined to my bed & couch for three weeks have been testing my sanity. Still, every day, there is a small but noticeable mark of improvement. Thank god for the small favours. I have another month in crutches before I’m allowed to try & walk, & three more months before the surgeon goes back in to remove the hardware.

Still, it could be worse. Just have to remember to be patient & take it one step at a time.

There is good news to all of this. A recipe in fact….

A friend of mine is a nutritionist, & after extensive complaining to her that the pain meds I’m on give me incredibly freaky dreams, but that coming off of them is absolutely not an option, she shared with me some advice on what I could eat that would make it all better.

Now, I’m a big believer in healing my body through food. Over the years it’s been very clear to me that what I eat has the ability to affect my mood, complexion & general health. So going a step further to think that I can ease some of my symptoms  through a smoothie, really isn’t a far reach for me. Two days & two smoothies later, I can honestly say that I have given up my afternoon dose of painkillers & anti-inflamitories & not experienced anything more than a slight discomfort. Let me assure you, this was previously not possible before. Not unless you wanted me to be reduced to the sobbing tears of an infant.

So here it is… for anyone in discomfort who would like to try an alternative to over-the-counter drugs… here is the smoothie that has made my afternoons bearable once again.

1 cup – pineapple (good for inflammation)
1 large stalk – celery (a natural painkiller)
1in cube – fresh ginger (again, for the inflammation)
1/3 cup – full fat yogurt (good for digestion)
1 tbs – flaxseed (intestinal health)
1 tbs – honey (to sweeten it)

1. place it all in your blender & turn it on for several minutes. I let mine run for a while to make sure there aren’t any chunks, the last thing I want is to be chewing on a piece of celery. Once done, drink it immediately. 

Some of you might be cringing at the idea of drinking celery. I did. The truth is, that the pineapple & honey sweeten it so much that you don’t even notice, & the ginger adds a wonderfully spicy kick. It’s really quite delicious.

Personally, I highly recommend this to anyone & everyone, whether you’re sore from your exercise routine. In pain from an injury. Or just want a healthy snack.

Try it & let me know how it goes.


white chocolate & ginger macarons

white chocolate & ginger macarons

I’ve been at it again!

Actually, I’m lying. Remember the last set of macarons that I made? Well, when I made them, I was so pleased with myself that I immediately made another batch just to ensure that it wasn’t a fluke.

I’ve been sitting on the recipe/ flavor combo/ photos since then in the hopes of enticing you once more.

I know, it’s cheating. I’m sorry I cheated. I’m sorry I didn’t share them right when I made them… but I soooo much wanted the element of surprise.


That’s all though. There’s no more hidden batches that I haven’t revealed. I’m not saying there wont be more batches in the future, I’m just saying that I’m disclosing all the ones I currently have.

These ones should make mum happy too. She’s a fan of the ginger. Not sure if she’s into white chocolate so much, but she loves macarons so I’m sure she wont mind. She did NOT like the cardamom in the last batch, that’s for sure.

Enough rambling from me though, on to better things!

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Champagne Thursdays: ginger & champagne

champagne & ginger for Champagne Thursdays

It’s been a while since we’ve had a ‘Champagne Thursday’ in our midst. Admittedly that’s entirely my fault. As it turns out, there’s a whole chapter to alcoholic beverages that I’m just not familiar with. I’ve always been the girl to have an ice-cold beer or a whiskey on the rocks… or cider right out of the jug!

So maybe Champagne Thursdays wont be as regular as I thought they would. Maybe they will just be a once in a while treat like they ought to be. I’m still on the fence about it all.

I have a hidden agenda with todays release though….

It is finally time to share the good news. You know, now that all the family & friends know.

Mel & I are engaged!

Yeah, it’s kind of worth celebrating. If all goes to plan we’ll be married in July… then again, my grandmother used to say that “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”. So, I repeat, we plan to get married in July, but that’s 5 moths away & who knows what can happen between now & then. One thing I know for sure, the cakes sorted.

For now, I’d like to make a toast…. with a little extra kick ;)

– chilled champagne
ginger syrup

1. pour 2 tsps of ginger syrup into a champagne glass, add just a little bit of champagne & give it a good stir to make sure the syrup has been thoroughly mixed. Top up with champagne & enjoy. Repeat as many times as needed to either sate your thirst or satisfy your guests xxx

……..for a full history of our recipes, check out our archives. For the more sensitive tummies, check out our gluten-free archives….. and if you’re just interested in something pretty, check out our designed page.

ginger madness

candied ginger & ginger syrup

There are many things in this world that I love. Lemons, my dog, my hairy man, thunder storms, acoustic guitars, sugar cravings, home remedies & post-it-notes. The list goes on & on, but I’m not sure it will matter much to anyone other than me. And Mel, it should matter to him too.

Another thing that I love is ginger. You know, that weird looking root you find in the grocery store & in so many Asian dishes.

Can’t say the Greeks are such a big fan of it though.

A couple years back when Mel & I had a stall over at The Meet Market, we used to make candied ginger to sell off in little packages… there was also a bowl of samples left for people to try at will….

YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THEIR FACES!!!! The most common reaction was for people to chew a couple times & then a look of horror would come over their face as they’d search for a bin or a napkin to spit it out! (I laughed. A lot.)

That’s Greeks though… we’re not all that big on the spicy. Well, I should say THEY are not all that big on the spicy. I personally love it.

About 25% of the taste testers (the ones who weren’t adverse to the intense flavor) loved it so much they’d buy three of four bags of the stuff & walk off with one bag already open popping the treats into their mouths one by one.

So there you have it. This clearly isn’t a candy for everyone, but if you’re a ginger lover, I’d strongly recommend it. There’s a ginger syrup too!

….and how about a fun fact for the day: ginger is a great cure for nausea!

You’re welcome!

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double crusted peach pie

Pies are what you make for the people you love. Truly.

The kind of love that deepens with every breath in & sometimes causes you to feel as if your heart aches from the sheer volume of it all. The kind that grows over the years, & ages into something beautiful & breath taking.

Yea, I get sappy sometimes.

I learnt to make pies as a child trying to bake my way into my grandfather’s heart, he had a weakness for pecan. I was small & sweet as I would sit on his lap eagerly waiting for his look of approval. I used pre-made crusts back then & thought that if I ground up half the pecans, it would force more of their delicious flavor into each & every bite. I wanted to cram as much love into every mouthful.

Not much has changed.

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