chocolaty cake for the sports lovers

basketball & soccerball cake with the NIKE logo & "JUST  DO IT" slogan.... with a chocolate cake in side & a mascarpone filling... gluten-free

I think the thing I like most about making cakes, is the reactions of the people receiving them!

This girl who ordered this, wanted to give the cake as a gift to two of her friends who had their nameday on Monday. One friend was heavily into basketball, the other was a lover of all things NIKE. You can’t see it in this picture, but the side of the cake had a football (soccerball for you Americans) pattern on it!

Eleni, the girl who ordered it loved it so much, she ran up to me & hugged me!

That’s the kind of reaction that always makes me endlessly happy.

Any way, there’s a rich chocolaty cake in the middle of all that decoration, & a mascarpone filling to it….. It’s a little sweeter than my usual cake, but that’s also because I was making it for teenagers… and you can never have enough sugar when you’re a teenager!

gluten-free designed cake

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do-it-yourself fondant, perfect in a pinch!

fondant(for those of you who don’t know, that’s the Iron Man Triathlon Logo ↑)

If you have the desire to make a gigantic, sweet, sticky mess of your kitchen, you should probably keep reading. If you don’t, then I ask you, is baking really your thing?

I don’t know, don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of neurotic in a pain-in-the-tush sort of way. I’m the girl who stands over the dirty socks, finger extended, pointing at them until they are picked up because I just cleaned the house.

I’m also the girl who cleans the kitchen BEFORE she bakes. I can’t get creative if there’s dishes in the sink & a blackberry stain on the counter. Then I clean whilst I’m baking. And then I do it all over again once I’m finished & disinfect it all. Yeah, I’m that person.

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a little late… valentines & passion fruit

What can I say, valentines was five days ago. So realistically it’s a little late to be posting these. Still, they’re pretty & I hate to withhold things that are pretty. Of course, I don’t think they are as nice as the first set that I made, but then again, I was on a tighter time frame. So, here they are!

Dark chocolate, sour cream roses:

His & hers hearts on top of vanilla cupcakes with a passion fruit & cream cheese icing (recipe below):

Butterflies & heart m&m’s:
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pistachio thumbprints

Midnight cookie cravings. Do you know how they come about? I do. Dinner was eaten hours ago, after which I slyly mention that I could go for something sweet. Hours later whilst I’m watching telly & Mel is hiding behind his computer screen, the thought of the sugary mystery starts creeping into Mel’s mind. It takes over like a planted seed that starts rapidly growing roots, worming into every inch of his conscious. The next thing he knows, he’s googling recipes that include some random ingredient we have stashed on the ‘treasure’ shelf, & he doesn’t have a clue why. Twenty minutes later, he’s in the kitchen pulling the ingredients off the shelf & yelling at me to go check his computer screen to make sure nothing has been over looked. Of course this is the point where I excitedly jot them down on the pink speech-bubble-shaped-post-its on the desk & run back to the kitchen to join him. At this point I’m about as hyper as a kid in a candy store & grinning my evil little grin from ear to ear. (my plan worked).

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