sweet potato & chickpea soup


Two orange coloured soups in less than a week…. shame on me. I’ve also had two orange backgrounds on my desserts…. and the leaves are starting to go orange as well. That’s the leaves on the trees I mean.

…I’m lying about the last one, no orange leaves. Yet.

I’m sorry about all the orange though, I’m not however sorry about the second soup. I make no apologies.

It’s cold, that’s all I’m saying.

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grilled chicken skewers & peanut satay sauce

From those of you who came to the BBQ last saturday I know you’ve been sitting there patiently waiting for me to post this recipe up. It has arrived, at long last!!! I wasn’t trying to torture anyone with the wait, it’s just I know that a certain friend of mine may or may not be having a BBQ tomorrow & I can’t let hers be better than mine. Teasing, Alex… x
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