guilty feelings

I’ve got a red grape jam recipe that I’ve been sitting on for almost a week now.

Why haven’t I shared it yet?

Well… a cake order took precedence.


designed, gluten-free cake featuring the sea, music & a sail-boat

Not going to lie. I absolutely love having the work & the opportunity to keep creating more cakes… I feel with each one we do, Eirini & I improve constantly.

A big part of me misses the regular updates of recipes that could be created on a daily basis. Not cakes. Not overly complicated, time consuming, energy sucking monsters… but healthy, filling & satisfying recipes.

I’ll post up the Jam recipe next. I promise. For now I have just one more cake though. (one more for now).

designed, gluten-free cake featuring the sea, music & a sail-boat

A special order for a greek-american who loves Syros, the sea & singing/music. I think we managed to capture the order pretty well. As always though, I’m left looking at the cake & only seeing the flaws. The areas where “I could have done better”. This is in no way a comment on Eirini, as it’s the parts that I did where I’m left with criticisms. Still, I am very happy with the cake as a whole.

The recipe used was a modified version of the dark chocolate quinoa cake. I’ve posted the recipe again with the alterations made in order to satisfy the requirements of this order…. ENJOY!

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beurre noisette & sea salt brownies

beurre noisette (browned butter) & sea salt brownies - gluten-free

I’m a creature of habit. I find something that works & then I find a way to incorporate that success every which way possible.

Case in point, I recently discovered the power of browned butter (or beurre noisette in French) when I made a batch of browned butter cornbread. I was so impressed with the rich, nutty, yet subtle flavor of the butter that I had to use it again (and probably there will be an again, again later on).

Here I stand before you. Repeating the addition of beurre noisette in a batch of extra dark chocolate & sea salt, gluten-free brownies.

beurre noisette (browned butter) & sea salt brownies - gluten-free

I screwed them up the first time. I’m not ashamed to say it. My butter separated right out of them whilst they were baking & laid in a lake on top of them. It eventually absorbed back in during the baking process, but I knew I couldn’t live with that.

I’m not saying they weren’t delicious… after all, between Mel, myself, Naz & her mother, we practically ate the lot. Ok fine, Mel & I ate the lot… the other two only had a piece each. Still, I couldn’t possibly put them down as a success knowing what had gone on.

Back to the drawing board I went, turns out an addition of an extra egg & a little xanthan gum to tie up the mix was all it took.

I stand before you now a proud baker.

….possibly a little heavier too than when I initially started.

If you make them, you’ll understand.

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the chocolate chip cookie

the classic chocolate chip cookie : gluten-free

I feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen concocting my little experiments. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I think this time I’ve gotten it right though. Actually, I’m sure I got it right.

I got it very, very right.

For a while now I’ve been trying to make a gluten-free flour blend that would work specifically for cookies, whether it be your typical shortbread recipe, sugar cookie, or your classic chocolate chip cookie.

I’ve tried it out on several cookie recipes that I had prior to switching over to gluten-free & it’s been marvelous. I wasn’t ready to share the blend until it passed the ultimate test though… that’s right, if it can’t make the childhood favorite chocolate chip, then it’s no good.

I’m happy to report, it passed the test with flying colours.

So, may I present to you my newest gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. It’s divine if I do say so myself. It also uses my gluten-free flour blend for cookies. If you wait a while, I’ll share with you my shortbread & sugar cookie recipes too.

You’ll love ’em, trust me xxx

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the classic digestive biscuit

Do you remember these biscuits?

I used to go through time periods where these biscuits would be the staple of my diet. Whether they were plain, chocolate covered, chocolate & caramel covered, dipped in coffee or milk.

It’s safe to say I would live on them every now & then. Especially if I hadn’t had time to make a packed lunch before work.

Not to mention that these little things make the perfect crust for so many different desserts. Banoffee pie, cheese cake, keylime pie. I mean seriously, who would have thought one cookie could do so much.

Well, I hadn’t realized just how much I was missing these until Mel started asking me for banoffee pie. He’s got some mad craving for it that he just can’t seem to shake, and since I’m making it for him, I’m going to be darn sure that there will be a piece with my name on it too.

Selfish, I know, but I have sugar cravings too ya know! Not to mention my outright refusal to post up anything that isn’t gluten-free these days. Again, selfish I’m sure, but I also would like to believe there’s a crowd out there who have all the same cravings I do, combined with the frustration of not being able to find them in a GF format.

So go on, make these… enjoy them for what they are, love them for what they are, and then once you’ve had your fill, make another batch for the banoffee pie I’ll post up soon.

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double crusted peach pie

Pies are what you make for the people you love. Truly.

The kind of love that deepens with every breath in & sometimes causes you to feel as if your heart aches from the sheer volume of it all. The kind that grows over the years, & ages into something beautiful & breath taking.

Yea, I get sappy sometimes.

I learnt to make pies as a child trying to bake my way into my grandfather’s heart, he had a weakness for pecan. I was small & sweet as I would sit on his lap eagerly waiting for his look of approval. I used pre-made crusts back then & thought that if I ground up half the pecans, it would force more of their delicious flavor into each & every bite. I wanted to cram as much love into every mouthful.

Not much has changed.

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