Guacamole… not many things to say about it. Simple, delicious and versatile, we used it for our chicken burritos. It can also accompany a variety of dishes or be used as a dip for chips and vegetables. Easy to make, the only thing that is important is to have nice ripe avocados that will mash simply with a fork.

– mel

— I’d like to add that I think mel has really understated this dish. Yes, ok, technically it’s not a main… but I couldn’t stop eating it! I actually made it again today & took it into work, nothing to go with it, just guacamole all on it’s own… I kind of feel bad for my colleagues since I like to put double the garlic, chili, onions & lime that mel puts. What can I say, I’m a big fan of the intense! My point is, make it, it’s super delicious & incredibly healthy. — nickey x

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grilled chicken skewers & peanut satay sauce

From those of you who came to the BBQ last saturday I know you’ve been sitting there patiently waiting for me to post this recipe up. It has arrived, at long last!!! I wasn’t trying to torture anyone with the wait, it’s just I know that a certain friend of mine may or may not be having a BBQ tomorrow & I can’t let hers be better than mine. Teasing, Alex… x
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marinated & grilled pork chops

Before you read the rest, keep in mind that I’m still the same happy smiley, annoying person I’ve always been, I’m just in a bit of a funk is all.

I’m having a hard time finding motivation today. It happens from time to time. I think my issue at the moment is the pictures I’ve been including. The recipes are all delicious & I don’t doubt their quality what-so-ever, but the pictures just aren’t doing them justice.

This blog was supposed to be 60% recipes & 40% pictures, but there is no art in my recent images. I’m not sure if it’s the lighting, the lack of planning in the set up, or just no skill on my end… but something has to change.

Don’t worry, I know I sound a bit down, I’ll work on changing that though. It’s not that I’m down, just a tad disappointed. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and to be honest, I refuse to deny you this next recipe because I absolutely love things cooked on the grill… & this marination is TOP!


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island life – bacon wrapped shrimp

We’re throwing a small dinner party tonight, on an island. Did I forget to mention that we’ve been here since Thursday? Yea that’s right. It’s been all sleeping till noon, peach daiquiris at night, lots and lots of good food, the beach, plenty of sunshine… The only down side is the wind. It is incredibly windy here to the point where it’s a little on the annoying side. Yesterday, at the beach, we were blasted with sand for the whole two hours we were there. I had sand up my nose and in my ears, sand stuck to my scalp and trapped under my hair so it was impossible to get rid of. Lots of sand. Lots and lots of sand. It’s also making it kind of cold, and when it was 40C back in Athens I didn’t think to pack a sweater, only summer dresses, silly me. Oh well, I’m still on an island and loving it.

I digress though, back to the dinner party. We’re making a whole bunch of things, about half of them involving the BBQ pit. I’m talking an actual brick charcoal pit in the wall and not one of those big ugly metal contraptions. I’m going to be selfish also though. I’m only posting up one recipe per day. I know this is cheating slightly, but each are equally special and I don’t want them to get lost in the madness.
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