din-din-din-dinner rolls

It’s cold, it’s raining, the wind is blowing & I can’t feel my toes. I think it’s safe to say winter is finally here.

Not that I’m complaining. Me, complain? Never! (yea, right!)

I’m just simply stating a fact.

I can’t be held responsible for the fact that such weather induces comfort baking habits, or the fact that such habits may cause one to undo their top trouser button. Or in my case, untie my PJ bottoms. What? It’s cold, my PJs are warm, I didn’t want to get out of them today, the rest of my clothes were just so cooooold to the touch! Don’t judge me, it’s no big deal I swear!

Does it make you feel better that these are gluten free, egg free, dairy free & vegan?

No? Me either.

I’m chalking it down to cravings & I’m going to enjoy every single mouthful.

Before I spill on the recipe though, I do want to take a moment & have you admire my cake stand. The one I’ve so wonderfully used to display my rolls on.

Like it?

I bought it from a friend who’s got a deliciously marvelous antique shop online called Wanstead Homewares. You really should check it out. One of these days I’ll convince her to do a guest post here for us since she’s quite the chef herself & is strictly gluten-free & vegan. Kind of perfect huh.

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maple & bacon ‘pancake’ muffins

Since it’s a new year & all, I’d like to impart a word of warning. Never attempt yoga whilst in the middle of texting. For real.

On another note, I don’t have breakfast nearly enough & I think it’s high time I share one of the most awesome breakfasts ever. Pancake muffins. That’s right, I said it, it’s a pancake in a muffin.

Get. Out. Of. TOWN!” I hear you say? Well no, no I wont. I will however take it upon myself to share this completely & utterly, amazing & awesome recipe though.

…after all, who would appreciate crispy bacon & sweet maple syrup combined in a delicious, easy-to-go, no-mess, single-serving.

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roasted beetroot salad with spicy candied walnuts and goat cheese

This has become my favorite winter salad. I make sure to get a piece of every ingredient on each mouthful because this combination is an amazing experience. The catalyst that combines everything so well are the candied walnuts so make sure to include them… they are not just for show. You can either make them with maple syrup, which in my opinion gives them a more complex flavor and is easier to handle, or with sugar for a more crunchy result. For the walnuts, you can multiply the recipe and make these for your own indulgunce or give as a gift.

(mel seems to think this is an acceptable use of a dish cloth, to permanently stain them for the easy removal of the beetroot skins) – nickey

(in his defense, it worked a treat… doesn’t change the fact that the towel was still destroyed) – nickey

– Mel

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grilled pears, radicchio & brie salad

You know those days that just seem rotten? Today is most certainly one of them. I mean I feel really, really rotten right now. Writing this post is causing me physical pain, really. The thing is, I can’t stop myself.

After a really hideous day, all I want to do it curl up & eat something exquisite. Something that combines creamy brie, sweet pear, bitter radicchio, toasted walnuts & a light vinaigrette. That’s exactly what makes me feel better right now.

Yes, I’m having a “woe is me” day completely. I left work early due to a pounding headache brought on by the illness that is descending on me. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was eat… but who wants to cook in a messy kitchen?? So, I cleaned up. During the process of washing the dishes, I managed to shatter a wine glass whilst my hand was inside it & managed to slice my poor little finger open down to the bone. It’s not a long cut, but it’s deep. Now my finger looks like a sausage, you know, one of those little vienna ones. Poor thing.

I did have an up moment though. I had my driving lesson later on & found an error on the digital test. The first time I got the question wrong, I put it down to misreading the question. The second time, I carefully read my choices & chose the only logical answer since the other two were clearly wrong…. based again on the wording. When I failed it the second time my instructor began to show me an engine & how it works, of course I threw a temper tantrum & insisted that I hadn’t gotten it wrong because I was stupid, but rather because the test was inaccurate. Together we each reset the test over & over again until we came to the right question. You want to know something? I was right, there was an error in the test!

Oh, how I love my little wins.

My day got better though. Talking about this salad, this mouth-watering grilled pear, radicchio & brie salad just makes me melt. What is it about grilled brie with fruit? Moments like this make me love Mel a little more. I swear, the way to my heart is clearly through my stomach. So here it is, the symphony preformed for my taste-buds. If you enjoy it even half as much as I did, I know that you’ll love it.

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mixing it up a little – maple scones

So I told you all that we were doing a dinner party. What I failed to mention was that I started the day off with a freshly baked breakfast.

That’s right, the start to every good day is an even better breakfast. I even excluded sugar & white flour from the recipe. Oh-so-healthy & don’t you just love it. I wont mention how much butter is in there though. It’s not like it’s an unhealthy amount, just a tad more than what you’d want to consume if you’re on a diet. Let’s be real for a second though, this is a cooking blog, not a diet blog. If there’s ever a choice between taste & calorie count, taste will win hands down every time in my books.

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