pasta nests with pesto, mozzarella & cherry tomatoes

“A typical pig has a large head with a long snout, which is strengthened by a special prenasal bone and by a disk of cartilage at the tip. The snout is used to dig into the soil to find food and is a very acute sense organ.” – wikipedia

This is the first sentence of the behavioural description of a pig. The reason I post this is to tell you all that I, am a pig… when it comes to food.

I like to dig into that overloaded plate and don’t care how messy the situation gets. I also have these spells where instead of slowly savoring my food my objective is to cram into my mouth as much as possible to the point where my actual breathing becomes laborious. This week I take a nice, elegant summer dish and pig it out mtv-style. You will see what I am talking about when you realize you can get all of that crispy, juicy nest into your mouth in one go…

– mel

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Stuffed portobello mushrooms

We have a saying in Greece that if translated directly goes like this: “Either the ship’s course is crooked or the shoreline is…” Basically what it means is that if everyone thinks you are wrong but only you think you are right… well maybe you are wrong.

Now I believe that stuffing these big Portobello mushrooms with all kinds of things is amazing, but everyone around me thinks otherwise (except Lauren). Who should I trust? I still think the shore is crooked but what I will do is give everyone two choices.

Some tasters thought that this particular recipe was a bit overwhelming while others liked the rich stuffing. What I understood was that some people view this dish as a simple starter worthy of 1-2 bites and others like to have it as a filling first course. Personally I like eating two of these as a main with some other accompaniment. So in order to satisfy everyone there is soon going to be a sequel to this episode accommodating the other way people want to eat this dish.

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leek & bacon flan

Sorry for the dark lighting, it was raining out when I took this. I attempted to use flash but it made it look awful.

I would also like to make a note stating that flan never looks all that amazing. Oh, and that the tins they were baked in are dessert tins.

Now that I’ve finished making excuses or trying to turn everyone off the idea of eating this…. it’s time to say that you really need to ignore the way it looks & focus on the way it tastes. It’s kind of like an omelet soufflĂ©. I don’t know how else to describe it really. It was creamy. It was full of flavor. I ate two & a half tins on my own prior to taking the photograph. It has bacon in it & let’s be honest, who doesn’t like bacon. And most importantly was that it was served on a plate that has bamboo on it.

Ok, I lie, that last point was completely irrelevant & made no sense whatsoever. The bamboo plate is all off, it should be serving some sort of oriental dish. Forgive me. I’ve been up since 06:00 after a sleepless night & it’s now 02:07 the next day, I stopped making sense six hours ago.

I’ll stop now.
Promise to make the bacon & leek flan though.
Like actually make it.
Ok. Stopping.

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pesto pasta

A nice light pasta salad is the perfect summer dish I feel. We’ve got one or two up our sleeves, but today I’d like to share with you Mel’s pesto pasta. It’s simple, straight forward, & completely delicious. He also goes light on the garlic so you can eat it on a date. If you’re going to do that, I highly recommend packing a picnic basket and heading to the park or the beach.

As for me, I’m quite content just hovering behind him & stealing pasta bits out of the colander & dunking bread in the pesto. I think he’s learnt he can’t leave me unattended in the kitchen, ever.

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