gluten-free flour blend: all purpose white flour

I have another flour blend for you.

It’s just a general, all purpose blend. Nothing overly exciting, but you can use it just about any where.

I’m going to keep making blends for specific purposes though. Like maybe even a pie-crust / pastry specific blend.

For now, mix this up in as large or as little a quantity as you would like & keep it on hand.

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din-din-din-dinner rolls

It’s cold, it’s raining, the wind is blowing & I can’t feel my toes. I think it’s safe to say winter is finally here.

Not that I’m complaining. Me, complain? Never! (yea, right!)

I’m just simply stating a fact.

I can’t be held responsible for the fact that such weather induces comfort baking habits, or the fact that such habits may cause one to undo their top trouser button. Or in my case, untie my PJ bottoms. What? It’s cold, my PJs are warm, I didn’t want to get out of them today, the rest of my clothes were just so cooooold to the touch! Don’t judge me, it’s no big deal I swear!

Does it make you feel better that these are gluten free, egg free, dairy free & vegan?

No? Me either.

I’m chalking it down to cravings & I’m going to enjoy every single mouthful.

Before I spill on the recipe though, I do want to take a moment & have you admire my cake stand. The one I’ve so wonderfully used to display my rolls on.

Like it?

I bought it from a friend who’s got a deliciously marvelous antique shop online called Wanstead Homewares. You really should check it out. One of these days I’ll convince her to do a guest post here for us since she’s quite the chef herself & is strictly gluten-free & vegan. Kind of perfect huh.

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