pumpkin and spinach lasagna with italian sausage

Until I made this recipe I never thought about the fact that I never make lasagna. I finally concluded that the reason is a Greek dish my grandmother makes often called pastichio. It is essentially a bolognese lasagna dish but instead of flat pasta we (Greeks) use thick round ones, and instead of multiple thin layers there are only three fat ones… Sauce/ pasta/ b├ęchamel. This lasagna however couldn’t be more different. Multiple layers of interchanging orange and green colour tell a completely different story. I also used an italian sausage that we got from Sienna when we had visited Tuscany for an epic week of gastronomic decadence.

Those beautiful layers first started with a delicious, fresh pumpkinThis is what it looked like after baking. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderfully delicious it was!

– mel

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pumpkin & pasta, just in time for autumn

I am stuffed, so stuffed.

I can barely breathe…. why oh why?!

I need to stop eating, I mean seriously, this could get dangerous.

I love our Sunday cook days with absolutely every fiber of my being, but this could realistically become a health hazard. How am I supposed to say “no” though when the smells wafting throughout the kitchen are like heaven. How am I supposed to deny myself this things. This creamy, rich, comforting pasta. Tell me?!

I’d go as far as saying that anyone who purposefully denies themselves such a meal even though they really, really want to eat it are slightly masochistic or self-loathing. There I said it, that’s how I feel. So then why am I the one laying on the couch feeling like a balloon that’s about to *pop*.

I’ll tell you why, it’s because mel is evil. He makes these things that no sane human being would deny. Rich, hot pumpkin pasta. This is why I love autumn. This is why I hate mel.

Hate is a strong word, maybe I just dislike him a little in this instant. I’ll get over it. I think it’s time to share though.

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prosciutto & sage wrapped chicken

This post is not for the vegetarians, the vegans, or the squeamish. I have warned you. You have been warned.

Yes, there is raw chicken in this post. I did my best not to make it look unappetizing, but it’s raw chicken so there’s only so much a girl can do in one post. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to todays deliciously succulent dish. I know it’s cruel of me to only give out one recipe at a time, but there’s excitement in the suspense of it all.

Let’s be real for a second though, I already talk way too much for a cooking blog as it is & I doubt anyone would continue reading the post if it went on for all eight recipes. So really if you think about it, I’m doing everyone a favor here.

Alright, down to business. Now I’m going to stress this, the two main keys to this recipe are a great marination, & fresh sage leaves. Please do not use the dried stuff, I beg of you. If they don’t have fresh sage at the grocery store, buy a sage plant from your local nursery. This is what it has to look like though, big, beautiful, thick green leaves.

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