Guacamole… not many things to say about it. Simple, delicious and versatile, we used it for our chicken burritos. It can also accompany a variety of dishes or be used as a dip for chips and vegetables. Easy to make, the only thing that is important is to have nice ripe avocados that will mash simply with a fork.

– mel

— I’d like to add that I think mel has really understated this dish. Yes, ok, technically it’s not a main… but I couldn’t stop eating it! I actually made it again today & took it into work, nothing to go with it, just guacamole all on it’s own… I kind of feel bad for my colleagues since I like to put double the garlic, chili, onions & lime that mel puts. What can I say, I’m a big fan of the intense! My point is, make it, it’s super delicious & incredibly healthy. — nickey x

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fragrant couscous with panfried pork chops

I remember a few years back, sitting in the kitchen with my cousin Peanut one morning & having a discussion about nutrition & diet. She said something then that will forever stick with me. What she said was, that if you sit & take a good look at food & colour, you will notice that all the things that are generally considered to be unhealthy are all shade of beige. Pasta. Bread. Potatoes. Chips. Etc.

the couscousShe then continued on by saying that the more colourful our plate, the healthier we eat. Just think about all those beautiful colours out there. Pomegranate. Avocado. Plums. Cherries. Lemons. The colours are endless & all of them have some amazing nutritional value to offer.

the pomegranate The point I’m trying to make is, bring colour to your meals. Lots of it.

pistachiosI still can’t get over the purples & greens of the pistachios. I can’t help myself, they are beautiful. As for Mel, I’m still trying to work out what inspired him to make this dish. I can’t figure out whether he was drawn to the middle-eastern undertone brought in by the spices. Or perhaps he was looking at it from an angle of trying to be healthy. Or maybe, if like me, he’s secretly a colour junky. It could very well be all three, maybe I should just ask.

the feastWhat we’re sharing now are these mouth watering, pan fried pork chops accompanied with the fragrant couscous with pomegranate, pistachio & sumak. One word…. yum.
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