salmon & cream cheese sandwich with veggy crisps

This recipe is a two parter. First & foremost, we have the amazing mixed veggy crisps that are just to die for. All the crisps you see in the image, plus another batch were consumed entirely by myself. And I don’t usually eat crisps.

I mean just look at those breathtakingly gorgeous colours. You’ve got carrot, sweet potato & beet root there & it looks like heaven even before it’s fried. I mean just look!

Next you’ve got to take into account the salmon, cream cheese & chives sandwich. Everybody loves one of those. Those who don’t, will love this one.

Now, are you ready for this? The magic happens….. combine them! Sandwich & vegetable crisps together. Ta-da!


That’s all from me tonight…. it’s been an incredibly long day & I just don’t have it in me to show anything more than the magic that’s already been shared. xxx

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sweet potato & chickpea soup


Two orange coloured soups in less than a week…. shame on me. I’ve also had two orange backgrounds on my desserts…. and the leaves are starting to go orange as well. That’s the leaves on the trees I mean.

…I’m lying about the last one, no orange leaves. Yet.

I’m sorry about all the orange though, I’m not however sorry about the second soup. I make no apologies.

It’s cold, that’s all I’m saying.

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extra creamy pumpkin soup

The cold has snuck up on us without warning & we went from tank tops to sweaters, boots & scarves in the blink of an eye.

The bringing of autumn means it’s time to break out the soup recipes, lots & lots of creamy, delicious, heart warming soups…. & we’re starting it off with a wonderfully delicious pumpkin soup recipe that Mel & I used to make when we had our own little catering company.

Two years ago, for four months, we gave it our all in the kitchen & attempted to cater lunch for the local offices. For a while it was incredible, we were bringing home cooked, exciting flavors to the people near & dear…

Twelve hour days, the vegetable market at 06:00 in the morning, & hours poured over designing new menus every week. We were exhausted but happy beyond belief… then of course greeks remembered that they didn’t want to start thinking about what to eat for lunch at 11:00 & so it quickly crashed & burned. There ended that chapter in our lives.

This soup is one of the very dishes that we used to serve up, & it came from Mel’s incredible creativity. It is truly delicious & I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you now.

Just remember, it is all about the pumpkin & if you don’t have the perfect one…. well then it’s still pretty incredible.

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