Champagne Thursday: green tea cocktail

I’ve had a DIY overload.

I mean there has been the painting of our new chicken coop (yes, we did it blue & white to resemble the traditional way of painting island houses). There has been the cutting down of old dead trees with our brand new chainsaw. Slicing, sanding & painting of the wood from the trunks of the fallen trees. Beginning the work for an up coming designed cake for the son of one of my kindred spirits, she wants the cake topper to be an elephant. Baking, always more baking. And last but not least, packing for my trip to Boulder, Colorado. All of that has happened today.


Yes, I’m tired & I want a drink.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday, that’s all I have to say.

Say it with me now… “Thursday”.

I’ve got an interesting one for you today. I was trying to combine the relaxing effect of a warm cup of tea, with the cooling effect of adding a little lemon & ice to really help me unwind from all that hard work.

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Champagne Thursdays: chili, peach & brown sugar martini

Did you notice it was Thursday? More importantly, did you notice that we’re finally back up & running?

This is a very big moment. You see, being as it’s Thursday & we’re back, that also means that Champagne Thursdays are officially reinstated.

Ooooooh YEAH!

I did it again though, I’ve made a combination that needs time for the flavors to meld. It’s not that I want to torture you, it’s just I prefer infusing my vodkas (or any other booze) with the flavor rather than making a sugary syrup like most cocktails use. Personally it’s because you end up using half the sugar & get double the flavor. But that’s just my two cents worth.

You see, right about the time that Whatever’s Left went offline, I started looking for things around the house that I could make to keep myself occupied. This is what happens when Lauren gets bored…. a shelf full of flavored vodkas. I’ve even got a lavender one up there.

Here’s what I suggest, seeing as it’s Thursday & we’re supposed to be having a drink together, I think it’s time you strain the zest out of your limoncello that we made a little while back because it ought to be good & ready by now. Pour it over some ice & put your feet up with me.

I know, I make things so complicated. I’m sorry. Really though, I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t worth the wait. & if you really just don’t feel like waiting, stick a whole chili & a tablespoon of brown sugar in the blender along with your peaches & vodka & you should get the same effect. Well, not the same exactly, but it will do whilst your chili infusion is taking its time to become marvelous.

Marvelous, what a lovely word.


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Champagne Thursday: Love a lot a lemons… limoncello

Oh yeah, Champagne Thursdays are back!

See, I told you they would be. This is going to be a trend. A boozy, giggly, trend.

I think the problem is, I just want you to join me in sneaking rum into your smoothies, or baileys in your coffee, or limoncello over your raspberry sorbet. It’s nice to do it with other people, then you’re not the weird girl.

I know this one isn’t going to be ready in minutes. There’s no instant gratification here & for that I’m sorry. I was trying to make a desperate attempt to capture what was left of summer before Autumn sneaks up & overcomes us before we even know what’s happened.

Do this now, & come mid October as the leaves are turning & the afternoon breeze still has a hint of warmth, pour yourself a glass & have it with friends. You’ll remember the last grasps of summer & smile.

Mmmmm, home-made limoncello. It would even make a nice Christmas gift you know… now there’s a thought.

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